Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Upcycle Project: Toy Couch out of Box

This past week, after a full day of doctor's appointments, the boys wanted to go to the mall. We were to tired that night, but went the next day. Of course, you know that "the Mall" is code for Build-A-Bear Workshop and Game Stop. While there, Jack decided he liked the fold-out couch.

Jack was considering saving up the $20 to purchase it. During the week, Jack made a bed out of a small pillow, an empty storage basket, and a few of his favorite Fat Quarters of fabric (sheet and “blanket”).

Still, Jack kept talking about the actual couch. I got the idea to repurpose a sturdy box, that was just the perfect “couch” shape. Tonight, we took this Crest box (18”w x 9”h x 6.5”d), and designed the cushions for Jack’s Teddy Bear, “Babi”.

We drew and discussed at least four different cushion options before Jack decided that two cushions (like our own couch) were best, so the bear can “build a fort” with them later.

Jack helped choose the fabrics out of his scrap bag, and insisted the cushions needed zippers. We even had some zippers in his favorite color Jack “had” to have at a recent fabric store excursion. Jack handed me fabrics and snipped threads… when he got bored and started cutting into the pieces, Tom took him out to the garage and they picked out a color to spray paint the outside of the box.

By the time they came inside, the first cushion was ready to be stuffed… which Tom and Jack did with a bag of old rags.

The cushions are both made with the same fabrics, but are different on top and bottom so that Jack can flip them over depending on what mood his bear is in. I thought it was very interesting that Jack's Bear's Favorite Colors are Red, White, and Blue (which are quite different than Jack's favorites of Red, Green, and Orange). Notice that some of Jack's favorite colors still made it into the cushions.

The only thing missing are the throw pillows that Jack insists Babi needs… perhaps we’ll make those tomorrow.

All in all, a fun project and I am so glad that I finished it within a day of thinking of it, and in just about 2.5 hours, start-to-finish of actual production time.

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