Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mark Kistler 3D Drawing Camp

Yesterday a dream of mine came true! I get to attend (with my boys) to a Drawing Camp with Emmy Award Winner, Mark Kistler. As a kid of the 80's, I use to watch "Captain Mark" on PBS as a member of his Imagination Station DRAW SQUAD! His enthusiasim and easy-going style helped me to become confident as a budding artist surrounded by a family of artists. I still don't consider myself a "great" artist, but look at what I drew yesterday as I attended the class:

This was what I worked on for a bit in the evening last night:

And today, at Camp Day 2, the fun continued as we explored an OCEAN theme.

Tomorrow is DINOSAURS and Friday will be MONSTERS, ALIENS, PENGUINS and whatever else we throw in.

What is even better about this experience is that Mark's Staff kindly offered us a FULL SCHOLARSHIP when they found out about all of Frank's surgeries, and his current preparations for yet another surgery. Parents and Grandparents are always welcome to attend, and for this camp, Jack has also been invited to sit in. As if that wasn't enough, Mark is welcoming us in two classes... so we attend for 2.5 hours each day this week full of drawing fun.

I'm loving the observations Frank is making. Things like "I noticed that Mr. Kistler doesn't use an eraser" or "as I'm sketching more, I'm getting faster." During the past month, as we've realized that Frank will be facing yet another surgery, we have been unable to get his mind off of the upcoming medical procedures (and their accompanying pain). This class has been just what he needed! He can't stop drawing! As if Frank didn't draw enough before this... now we just can't get him to put his pencil down... like when it's time to get out of the van or go to bed or anything, he's always got to "finish one more detail" on his drawing. Yeah PENCIL POWER!!!

My own excitement about drawing is over the top too! Seriously, yesterday, when I found out we would be attending I couldn't stop bouncing, screaming and getting shivers from head-to-toe. All this rekindled enthusiasm is probably just the kick in the pants my creativity inspiration source has been needing. I find things that I haven't done for years coming back to be easily to share with my sons. Today I explained to the boys that it is important to sketch first, then darken, which is like "whispering on the paper first, then increasing your voice and getting louder and louder." I think, perhaps, that using color is like YELLING at the paper.

One thing I've been intrigued by is all the different ways Mark offers to encourage a love of drawing: books, TV series, personal camps and assemblies, DVD's, and online art lessons (free and subscription services). If you'd like to get a feel for his fun-loving style, Mark offers a lot of free online lessons at his website: