Monday, March 30, 2009

Memorial Tribute for my Paternal Grandmother

Lillian Sc___an

96 years
20 July 1913 – 16 March 2009

Do you want to know A Secret to A Long Life? Evelyn often said “the key to a long life is a positive attitude… and a lack of gossip!”

Evelyn, resident of Pine, Arizona since 1992, peacefully left this Earth for her Next Adventure in The Universe, on March 16, 2009 in Payson, Arizona. She was born Evelyn Lillian Sc___an on July 20, 1913 in Detroit, Michigan to Edward A Sc___an and Ella Z__k. Wife of 56 years to Theodore Ch_____ki (d1988). Evelyn is survived by her brother Earl Sc___an, Daughter Lou Ch_____ki, Son Larry Ch_____ki, and grandchildren Suzy Sholar, Ivan Er____on, and Sonya S__w. She also leaves behind two great-grandsons, nephews, nieces, and many in-laws.

Evelyn was an alumni of Lincoln High School, Ysplanti, Michigan. She was a member of Sheppard of the Pines Lutheran Church in Payson, Arizona.

By way of employment, Evelyn was diversified in her pursuits. She owned and operated grocery stores in Michigan and Phoenix, Arizona. She also turned her home into a Boarding House to support Soldiers during World War II. Most of her years at work were spent with Motorola; she was hired very early in Motorola’s Arizona History, starting a legacy as the First Female Electrical Technician and the First Woman to Travel for them. She retired in 1977 from Motorola after 27 years.

She was easy going, friendly and relaxed. Her favorite color was purple and she loved Indian Jewelry and Butterflies. Her home was decorated with Roosters as well as Classics like Pinkie (by Thomas Lawrence) and Blue Boy (by Thomas Gainsborough).

Evelyn enjoyed many leisurely pursuits, including Square Dancing, Handiwork, Domestic Duties, Kiwanis, Church Going, Gambling, and a Healthy dose of Budweiser. Over the years, Evelyn has been a huge financial supporter of the Tonto Apache Indian Tribe, via Matazal Casino. In addition to Bingo and Slot Machines, Evelyn had several standing engagements each week for assorted card games (Canasta, Pinochle, Cribbage, and Rummy were some of her favorites). In earlier times, she was an avid crafter (sewing, knitting, crochet, etc.) She also kept a pristine yard, garden, and home. More recently, she took advantage of the Arizona State Library, Talking Book Division.

When Evelyn decided to Continue her Journey, she requested those that knew her to Celebrate Life! If an Expression of Life is desired, please make contributions to RTA Hospice in Payson, Arizona (511 S Mudsprings Rd, Payson, AZ 85541) or American Printing House (PO Box 6389, Louisville, KY 40206) (publisher of Audio Books) in the name of Evelyn Ch_____ki.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Google Doodle Holiday Logos

I really do enjoy the different variations of Google Doodles... and how they pay tribute to so many random things. I always click the link and learn a little about something new through them.

I was glad to find a link to the History of Google Holiday Logos and wanted to share it with you as a follow-up to my previous post on this topic.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time Moves On, but we're Staying in Arizona - For Now.

The boys and I won't be back in Wyoming until mid-April. Monday my 95 year old Grandmother Decided to Move On with Her Journey through Time and Space. So. I'll be spending more time here helping my Aunt (who's 75) to clean out my GM's place and prep it for sale.

The boys and I are fine with all of this... actually, they miss their Dad, but they are having fun in the warm weather with our friends and family here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Twelve never sounded so good!

After twelve nights away from Wyoming, I went shopping today and I bought two pair of size twelve pants (cords & jeans). I'm so excited!

Last year on my trip down here, I was in a size sixteen. I'd gained all this weight over the sedentry, cold winter and hadn't even realized it. Then, I came and saw my girlfriends (who'd all been walking in the nice Arizona weather, and going to the gym) and they had been loosing weight while I gained it. I.felt.horrible!

I went home with an plan. I've not been perfect about it, but I have been consistent and aware of it. I wanted to be in a twelve by the next Arizona trip... and I did it!

My next goal... size ten! And continuing to add more exercise and better diet and more rest and, well, there's always room for improvement... isn't there? :)