Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Review of Gigaware 7" Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame

Originally submitted at RadioShack

Display your favorite photos on your desk with the Gigaware 7-inch high-resolution digital photo frame.

Still Lovin' It!

4out of 5

Pros: Easy Photo Upload, Clear Image, Viewable from Many Angles, Quality Construction, Easy To Use, Attractive Design

Cons: Buttons on the Back, Photos Always Same Order

Best Uses: Photography Display, Home Decor, Desk, Gift

Describe Yourself: Quality Oriented

Primary use: Personal

Was this a gift?: No

Just returned from my Aunt's House, where this item is used. I played with it when we first got it (around Christmas) and again just now. Still loving the ease of use. Just turn it on and the show begins! Occasionally, it stops displaying photos, she turns it off, resets the memory card, and turns it on... it's good to go.

While there, we ran the same file folder through my laptops screen saver, and we noticed this picture frame was much easier to view from any angle, while the computer screen has to be tilted to just the right angle. After comparing them side, but side, I'd still like to have one of these frames for myself (since it's just so easy to see from anywhere in the room).

The "Random" photos tend to alternate between two spots in the file list, jumping from point A to point B, and moving forward one photo at a time (A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, B3, etc). This works well for watching an ongoing story.

Every time the display is turned on, it starts at the very beginning, so, it takes many hours before she can see the "newest" photos in the group. With over 1500 photos currently on the disc, it would be nice if it would start at a different point each time, or at least remember where it was at when it was turned off. Or perhaps, it truly could be a RANDOM display of the images. Perhaps the software could have options of how to display the images (sequential, random, and always start at beginning).

The play, pause, forward and rewind buttons work well, but being on the back of the display, she seldom uses them. I think these buttons would receive more use if they were on the front of the frame.

Even with the images always starting over and the buttons on the back, I'm still thinking of getting one of these for my own home. It's got such great image quality and is just tranquil to sit and watch!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Sock Puppet

Recently I've saved a few socks for something crafty.

Friday, Jack and I read a story ("If you give a Moose a Muffin" by Laura Joffe Numeroff) and in it the Moose made sock puppets. Since then, Jack has wanted to make some too...

Tom and Frank were out, so I took the opportunity to work with Jack on it. He picked the sock, cut the shapes and choose the yarn colors. I put the needle in and held while he pulled the yarn through. I also felt really good about doing a project with him, while it was fresh in our minds.

There are still boxes all around, but I was able to put my finger on the supplies AND put the things in my mind (unpacking boxes, prepping for a trip, surgery, etc.) aside in order to grasp some of those fleeting moments of childhood and spend a little time with my little-one. It makes me feel good and happy.

PS: This sock puppet also works well to make "Dragon Punches" (when worn on the hand), "Dragon Kicks" (when worn on the foot), and "Dragon Tickles" (when worn by Daddy!)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

A Bit More About My Ear

I'm a bit surprised that it's already been over a year since I last wrote about needing to have an ear surgery to restore some hearing. Certainly a lot has happened during the intervening time, but, well, they do say "time does fly!"

On July 10th, I went to bed with my ear hurting, I put some drops in and told Tom "we're going to need to get this things fixed soon." Then, at 2:30 am I woke rubbing my ear in my sleep... vigorously with the palm of my hand. This action caused the dislocated titanium prosthetic incus to rupture the tympanic membrane. That is, a small piece of metal is now sticking through my ear drum. This does a few things: causes pain, significantly reduces hearing, and continues to damage the ear drum.

Owing to moving and needing to find new doctors, and already having a visit to my ear doctor planned the first week of August, I went to Phoenix to meet with him and have my suspicions of the course of events and the course of action confirmed. While I trust my doctor greatly, he did recommend a colleague in the Albuequerque area. Thing is, I can have surgery (in Phoenix) September 16th... I couldn't even see the new doctor until the beginning of October and surgery would have been towards Thanksgiving. Did I mention that this thing hurts?

So, I've decided and made arrangements to travel to Phoenix to have the surgery, then to stay with my Father-In-Law for the ten days post-op until my follow-up visit.

The bad news in all of this is that each surgery I have (this will be the third) increases scar tissue, there is a decreased blood flow to the area, and oh-yeah, a decreased chance of success. I've begun to wonder when I might bite the bullet and tell them to stop trying to fix the hearing and just leave the wire out... thus guaranteeing deafness in that ear. It's sobering, but as my Grandad said, "as long as you have hope, you keep trying."

So, this week I've been making preparations to go for another Phoenix trip, this one involving a lot of rest and light-lifting (nothing over ten pounds for a month), so the boys will need to be able to load and unload the van for us.

The surgery is on Thursday, September 16th; wish me luck!