Saturday, October 07, 2006

Perfect Epiphany

I know I'm a perfectionist. I realize that this causes me a GREAT deal of grief for ME! Today I had a new and even bigger epiphany about my perfectionism. I want everything to be perfect - most of all me. Because I set such high (and impossible standards for myself) I tend to set them for those around me too - especially my family! I'm just now (as I'm typing) thinking this TRULY isn't fair for two small children - namley my sons - to be expcted to be perfect... but I diverge. My epiphany was that even if I do everything absolutley perfect regarding raising my children, they're would still be problems, and troubles, and obstacles with my children. I know, for many of you, this seems like a "duh" statement. But when I had it today, it was like someone slapped me across the face. Not only am I striving for something I could never obtain, but if I could obtain it, the "desired" result still wouldn't be there. This really was the Perfect Epiphany for me to have.

We - I totally lost my next train of thought. I'm tired, so, I guess I'll be off to bed now to dream more insight into relaxing my standards - for me and for those around me.

Ponderous Suzy

Friday, October 06, 2006

Poop-in Time

Jack spent the entire morning in one pair of training pants and even pooped in the potty today (I noticed he was starting to bear down and took him in there). This was his first day ever with training pants. I'm so tickled, he's just 20 months! I think it definitley helps to have an older brother to watch and immitate. At this rate, he may be potty-trained in time for his second birthday!

I do have one gripe about the whole thing though... cleaning poop out of children's potty's is a pain in the - well - in the butt! My older child was much older when he got around to pooping out of a diaper, so, he did it on a seat on the big potty... we may graduate the "little guy" to this soon - I don't want to be scrubbing poop out of that little potty for long! Yuck!

Suzy :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy Days for Us All

Today was Frank's 4th Birthday. Of course I did the usual mulling and amazed thinking, but then I also did something new and different. I remained calm. I remained upbeat (mostly). I didn't stress or wig out. I did a good job!

We invited grandparents and a couple of close friends over for a family type celebration (dinner, cake, and ice cream). Frank's 1st and 3rd Birthday's had large kid parties. Frank was asking for a party the past few days, and was quite happy with this smaller, simpler celebration. It didn't take hours and hours of preparation and was generally easier.

Anyway, I'm glad I stayed so calm. It was a big step for me. It's also important for me to remember that simple is good and calm is easy to do.

Suzy :)