Thursday, August 23, 2007

Feeling More Productive

The past few days (since I got my packet from "The Feel Good Group") I've been feeling more productive. Actually, it's also since I started working on a simple quilt (last Saturday). I realized I needed something to motivate me. Something more than feeding, clothing, and cleaning up after me and the boys. I needed a project (hmm... I seem to remember thinking of "that Project Thing" a few months ago, guess I forgot for a bit). Anyway, I started working on the quilt so I would have something to think about and do. I find if I have a fun project going, then I think about it when I fall asleep and also it gets me out of bed in the morning, even if I don't work on it in the morning, I get my "work" done quicker so I can reward myself with play time. I've got to have something fun to do in order to motivate me to do the not-so-fun things.

I've been making progress with reducing the price of our home and with arranging for our things to be moved. I'm even feeling excited about a few leads on selling the house. I've also been making more time to work on the computer regurally, which means I'll soon be caught up enough to do some stuff with pictures. This is good, because I've got some pre-paid prints expiring on Shutterfly next month.

Suzy :D
PS: Yesterday, while out exploring the countryside, I stopped to take pictures of the fields, and flowers, mountains, and sky. Then, while taking them, I realized my adorable boys, waiting in the van, would look great with this charming background. I've included one of the pictures I took of Frank and Jack. :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Writing A Letter

Yesterday I received a packet of letters from a group of my Aunt's friends. I read them as I went to bed. I was so excited that I sat down and responded to them, by flashlight right away. It's been years since I've written a letter... you know, with a pen and paper, by hand! It was so nice to receive their hand-written notes of encouragment, I hope they too enjoy receiving a letter from me.

Just last week I'd been thinking of starting to write letters again... with the computer and internet far away (for me anyway, once a week is "far away") I guess I'll go back to communicating "the old fashioned way!"

Suzy :D

Friday, August 10, 2007

A Few Days Away

We are headed to Salt Lake City, Utah tomorrow. Tom flys out on Sunday morning for three more weeks of training in Ohio. We are going to leave early tomorrow and spend the afternoon in SLC. We intend to go to a train shop and a water park tomorrow. On Sunday, I'll do some shopping (tennis shoes and who-knows-what-else) and then head back to Wyoming around lunch time. It's a five hour drive each way. I'm sad about Tom leaving again, but looking forward to a fun day with him and the boys tomorrow.

PS: Nothing's happening on the quilt project except a lot of guilty feelings. :P

Monday, August 06, 2007


There was a time (when I was about twenty) when I wanted six children. Presently we live with my cousins family of five. In the past week and a half eight of the nine of us have been sick. The past few days the other mother has been SERIOUSLY bedridden, so, I've been trying to run the show AND keep five kids quiet as mice. I must have been INSANE to ever think six children was a good idea!

On a related note, in this large household there is a Extra-Super-Large-Capacity washing machine that basically washes two loads at once. Yesterday, I processed TEN of these loads, which was about equal to TWENTY normal loads! Yeah me!!!

Today my Grandma, my second cousin (age seven), and I spent two hours working on zuchinni... LOTS of zuchinni. Zuchinni that's eight inches around and eighteen inches long! We peeled, scraped seeds, and shredded 26 cups of zuchinni! Wow! I wish I'd weighed it first.

I'm feeling small successes these days with VERY domestic things... cleaning, laundry, and cooking!