Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dinner at the Governor's Mansion

I've been looking forward to dinner at the Governor's Mansion for about two weeks. Tonight was the night and I enjoyed being there every bit as much as I thought I would!

My room-mate and I drove to a Representative's condo, where we chatted with her while waiting for our ride, the good Senator from our area. We enjoyed visiting and relaxing with her a few minutes before he arrived. I was glad we rode together, not because we couldn't have followed, but because of the conversation in the car and the fact that I didn't have to walk across a dark parking lot, with ice and snow, and high heels on.

After being driven through the gates of this former American Legion Park, we were dropped off at the door of the Formal Home of the Governor and his wife. The first thing we noticed was "The First Cat of Wyoming." This playful guy walked us to the door, stopping at each of our feet and looking up with a cry in greeting.

Along with a 12-year-old Lhasa Apso, these two mingled with the crowd all night long. When nearly everyone had left, a calico kitty showed itself, but she was camera shy, just like the puppy!

After hanging my coat, I found the door to the ladies "powder" room hidden in the wall.

A few moments alone afforded me the time to snap a few silly pictures of myself and the crazy powder room!

Every piece of paper was embossed. From the place cards and menus...

All the way to the pile of paper towels in the powder room!

We were blessed to listen to a fellow intern (a homeschooled High School Junior from Cheyenne) as she tinkled the ivories tonight...

Even waiting for our ride became a bit silly this evening at this interesting place!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vacation Flashback

I just went to use an old back-up drive

where I found pictures from our last family vacation

(yes it was back in 2006).

The boys were 2 & 4.

This was the boys' AND Tom's first trip to Wyoming.


They were so CUTE and CHUBBY!!!
The Boys, not Tom! ;)


This Vacation Flashback brought to you compliments of Keith's Gift Kaser Portable Vault Flash Drive.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Capitol Exhaustion

I *really* did mean to write you each and every day,

but I have been working crazy-long-exhausting hours.

And sleeping whenever I can.

I hope you enjoy these pictures from last week.

You can see I am working literally from sun-up, to sun-down.

Time for some sleep before the 5am alarm tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

least sleep - ever - first ticket

yesterday after 4 hours sleep, around 2,000 steps during 9 hours of running about, a dead car battery, the new battery not starting, and pure exhaustion, I neglected to hang the parking tag in my window. this morning I came down to my first ever ticket, from the college campus police, for $60. now I must find the time (and person) to show my pass to to prove I had it and get the ticket pardoned.

3.5 hours sleep last night. a record low for me.

tonight I am going to get 7!!! yeah!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Exciting, Exhilarating Energies

I ran on adrenaline all day today (with another 4 hour night, and tonight looking like it will have fewer than 6 hours in it). Much as I want to keep you informed, I am limited in what I may share AND I am writing for 3-5 hours each night to report to my professor, so, I find myself completely brain-dead by the time I can write you.

Tonight, I even made a Montage of scenes from the opening day of the 60th Wyoming Legislative Session, however, we are still trying to hammer out the logistics of even this and what I may share photography wise and with whom... perhaps soon you will get to SEE some of what I am seeing... I hope, I hope, I hope!

That Was Fast!

Today was to be a day of rest. While I didn't sleep in late (up at seven, with eight hours sleep), I did rest and relax this morning. I spent the afternoon running errands (there are quite a few things to do and buy in order to make the dorms more comfortable). The evening included studying the Orientation Manual, a bit of cleaning, and chatting with my roommate.

And then.

Then, I started my report.

Oh boy!

Five hours and twelve single space pages later, I've submitted the first report from my first day at the Legislature. How will I ever work all day, in the evenings, AND write these reports?

As busy as Saturday was, and as future days are sure to be, and as thorough as I like to be, it will be a great challenge to write thorough, edited reports each evening AND get a full night's (8 hours sleep) rest - not to mention evening events, eating, and laundry. While I was feeling more rested earlier today, I have stayed up far too late working on the monstrosity of a report I just sent over.

I think I will try to journal as I go during the day, at least typing what is happening during the day, then adding my observations during the evening.



Now it is time for rest. I may get four hours sleep. :P

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Sunrise this morning from my Dorm Room Window

After such a long week I'll keep this brief, but pause to let you know that after just 5 hours sleep last night I never felt tired during orientation.

My dorm-mate, Bobbi, and I about to head into the Capitol

During our nine hour orientation, there was SO MUCH information thrown at us! I am excited to get started on Monday, but looking forward to relaxing tomorrow.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Departures and Arrivals

Well, I've left them, for a whole month, I've left them. So far so good on the tear front, though I know it may not last, I've only cried once this morning, in bed before leaving, and twice prior this week (actually, it was once with each member of my household).

I had a GREAT drive across Wyoming to arrive in Cheyenne at 5pm. 45 minutes + 4 Target shopping carts unloaded my Professor's Car (generously loaned to me for the month). Dinner with an RA in the Dorms at the Dining Hall, and then meeting my roommate (and her daughter - who's also a student at LCCC) while we all three unpacked into our rooms. Yes, I said roomS with and "S"... that would be the best surprise of the day. When the Dorm Manager walked me to my room, she said that since there wasn't an occupant for the second suite, we would each have our own room (and bathroom) with just a shared living area between the two.

I'm beat, but looking forward to a great day at Legislative Intern Orientation tomorrow.

Now, it's time for a quick note to my professor, wardrobe choices and a snack, then to sleep (by 10:20?)

I intend to begin posting pictures by Sunday (for tomorrow's sure to be another full day!)

PS: I'm sitting here listening to Spanish Radio because it's the only station I can receive besides talk radio... either I'll ask Tom to bring my CD's next weekend, or I'll be living on internet radio! ;)