Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Imprints on my Heart

I was just looking at some of my friend's blogs (because I am tired and I am avoiding doing what I should be doing - homework!) I'm behind in reading, months and months behind, which is too bad because many of my friends are excellent writers. As I read my friends' posts, I was observing that I seldom write (and publish) angry. Sometimes I write to vent, and occasionally I let Tom read it or read it aloud to him (which does wonders for me) but I think it takes a special kind of guts (and comfort with oneself) to write when you are sad or upset. At the point of publishing your anger, you really are putting yourself "out there".

Recently I decided I should always have a picture with my posts.
Even if the pictures don't really relate to the post, it's nice to have a visual reference.
Besides, I take SO MANY pictures, I *
SHOULD* share them with you!

I realized that I have been a bad friend lately. I have been so consumed with completing my school work and keeping up with the boys and house and Tom being out-of-work, that I really haven't had time for much else. I don't cook. I don't clean. I don't {gasp} sew. I don't write. I don't chat. I've just been focused on school-school-kids-school! :P Exhausting I tell you! It helps me realize sometimes people really want to be involved but they have to prioritize how much of themselves they can give and to whom.

May I share some thoughts with you that I had tonight? I have only just shared it with one friend. Today someone called to tell me how important I've been in their life. It was wild for me. I've been the one saying those things before, about a few special people. My Aunt says some people come into your life for a short time, but live a print on your heart for a lifetime! I warmly think of those people who've made those kinds of imprints on my heart. It was touching to hear how I've now returned the favor and life begins to travel full circle (a friend wrote about her idea of life moving in a spiral.) So, I just crossed over an event.

In any case, tonight I was thinking about friends. Some friends you grow with (I think these may be Best Friends), some friends you learn from, and some you teach. All friendships have a place, but they serve different needs. Have you ever heard the analogy about having different friends for different needs? One you can hang out with. One you can cry on the shoulder of. One you can laugh and let-loose with. Anyway, I was thinking of all these things as I read about someone not-having a best friend. They sure are special when they come along, and it's weird, I think when you find one, you treasure them all the more because they are so infrequent.

Being in Rock Springs, knowing it was so temporary, I knew I needed support, and started out (unconsciously) looking for the best friends I'd left behind in Arizona... at the beginning I even gravitated to people with the same first names! Somewhere along the line, I realized it's okay to have friends for a short time, and have fun, but not have a life-long bond. I continue to nurture one particularly close friendship. I sometimes mourn friendships lost or changed, but realize that as we grow and change, our friendships must also grow and change.

In a strange way, I found these pictures suited to my topic.
They remind me of the quote along the lines of
"Go often on the house of a friend, for the path soon covers over with weeds."
It's important to maintain our relationships, whether in town or far away, for they soon become clouded over, not to mention, being involved is, well, a great way to BE INVOLVED!

I know I'm totally rambling! I'm tired. I'm sore. AND, I'm STILL avoiding homework (at this point I'm so tired, I'll make the bed and then crawl into it (the dryer just finished my sheets!)) Thanks for allowing me to share my mental ramblings and musings; I appreciate it!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Warms the Heart

Yesterday I watched Jack at his first ever Little League (T-Ball) Practice. We've tried catching and hitting once or twice, but it's been more than a year (two I think). He has always been such a natural at anything that involves aiming! Seriously, since the kid could throw/hit, he "always hits his target". We recognized this last summer when Tom woke me to tell me Jack had just hit a neighbor girl in the head with a rock. Coming out of my nap I said "what did she do to him; he always hits what he aims at." No one had thought to ask, turns out she had been taunting Jack, telling him her little sister was his girl friend. Jack didn't want a girl friend!

In any case, all this to say, I wasn't at all surprised yesterday when he excelled at hitting, catching and throwing. He even caused the first injury of the season when he smacked his first ball from the T and caused two boys to smack noggins chasing his hit. Many tears ensued and I watched, full of pride at Jack's great hit... is that too wrong? I really felt a swelling of pride watching him play... he's such a natural athlete. I wonder what sport(s) he will enjoy most and I will be watching through the years... I really do like baseball and hope that I am on the side-lines of many future games!