Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Better Luck at Dinner Time

The past two nights I have done two things that have made dinner time much more enjoyable! I thought I would share them (in their simplicity).

  1. I’ve made VERY simple dinners (read chicken nuggets with Kraft Mac & Cheese and Campbell’s Soup with Cheese Sandwiches plus salads on both nights).
  2. I’ve involved the boys with preparations. Usually, they are clinging on my legs (literally) or trying to get me to “do” something with them.

The other day I talked with Frank (50 months) about giving him a “special new thing” to do each night for dinner – where he gets to make us a salad and he can choose what he puts with the lettuce. I mentioned how when we go to a salad bar there are so many choices and that he can pretty much do whatever he wants, but we get to choose our own dressing to go on it. While Frank’s working on the salad, Jack (22 months) sets the table. Normally, Frank would do the table so quick that Jack hardly had a chance, so having Frank occupied with something else gives Jack a chance to do it himself.

It’s been amazing how much more peaceful getting ready for dinner has been, but also how we have something to thank the boys for and talk about what they’ve done. I also know this is good – giving them assignments and chores and responsibilities. I figure we’ll get back to “real” dinners too, but simple is good to start.

One other thing – I’m delighted to start having salads again. I’m always so busy shaking the boys off my legs, that I don’t take time to make salads. Also, I envision letting Frank shop each week in the produce department for a “new” item to put in "His" salads. I know we won’t like everything, but I hope we’ll all learn to eat a little more and different produce in the process.

Anyway, I thought I’d share.

Suzy :)

Hurry Up and Slow Down

Ever notice how at this time of the year (with all the "big" holidays) we rush around so very much, but all we really want to do is sit around and enjoy our friends and loved ones?

I find myself with about two hours each afternoon. It's fairly quiet time, spent at home. My boys are suppose to be napping - and even if they aren't alseep, they are more-or-less in their room and quiet. Today I listed off all the things I wanted to do in those measly two hours:
  1. Finish machine quilting a Santa Advent quilt (for December 1st).
  2. Do my "homework" for The Pampered Chef.
  3. Listen to the recording of a conference call I missed today, for The Pampered Chef.
  4. Go to the toy store to look for a Lightening McQueen car for Jack.
  5. Go look for fabric for a coat for Frank.
  6. Work on Photos (for Aunt / me / book).
  7. Pay the Bills (12 days late).
  8. Sit and read a book - ahh!
  9. Take a nap.

Most of these are things I find easiest to do during the few quiet moments I get. I of course still have house work and laundry and meals that need my attention today. Not to mention yardwork and Christmas lights and decorations and ..... I'm getting more and more tired just looking at this.

I paid the bills. Now I think I'll nap. When I get up, perhaps some of these other things will be doable with the boys "help".

Suzy :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Warm Fuzzies with Lumps

I keep getting warm fuzzies with lumps in my throat. I've been working like a maniac - not just for a day or two, but pretty much for the past TWO MONTHS! When I haven't been working, it's because I was working so hard I got sick (first a cold, then Strep Throat). Still, I kept working. (I'm working so hard to get my Pampered Chef buisness off the ground!)

Frank comes to me and wants to "tuddle". Jack comes to me and trys to shimmiey up my leg. So often I'm "busy" and I push them away; telling them to "leave me alone" or "I have work to do". But (for the moment) they are like puppies and keep coming back over and over - although, already, there are times when I wait too long, and when I finally sit down to snuggle with them, they've moved on and can't be lured to my lap.

Anyway. Frank's suddenly learning to write. (He's 49 months today.) Constantly I find him writing and drawing on slips of paper. (I really should upload a stick figure or two). He's doing well with a few choice words (his name, his brother's name, and my name are the three that he writes all the time).

I'm up (VERY past my bed time - working on The Pampered Chef again). I look down at a crumpled note beside my feet. It's my first Love Note / Valentine from Frank. He drew a picture (I honeslty don't know what of) then wrote Frank (very tiny heart - I didn't know he could draw a heart) "Susy" (my name is "Suzy"). Everytime I think of it or peek at it, I get a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes and Warm Fuzzies.

I love my boys and so soon I know they will be gone. I am struggling so much too learn to enjoy the here and now - sometimes I think I just don't know how to "relax and have fun". I've actually been soliciting help from my husband and friends on this, but perhaps my children would be better able to teach me.

Tomorrow needs to be a day of play (with a little work) instead of the other way around!


Running Nowhere

How can I feel like I am running all the time? And why does it feel like I am running to “nowhere”?

No time to expound on these random thoughts - gotta run!