Sunday, September 27, 2009

Adjectives & Adverbs from A Trip

After four days "in the field", on a bus, and without family or showers, I've just cleanup up, cuddled and filled my belly. Here is a "quick" list of words describing my school trip.
  1. Great.
  2. Fun.
  3. Relaxing.
  4. Exhausting.
  5. Stimulating.
  6. Thought provoking.
  7. Inspiring.
  8. Awesome.
  9. Ponderous.
  10. Bewilderment.
  11. Aching.
  12. Hot.
  13. Cold.
  14. Stinky.
  15. Hungry.
  16. Windy.
  17. Gleeful.
  18. Silly.
  19. Joking.
  20. Laughter.
  21. Irreverent.
  22. Goofy.
  23. Cleavages.
  24. Informative.
  25. Sharing.
  26. Valuable.
  27. Assertive.
  28. Accountable.
  29. Counting.
  30. Deduction.
  31. Reason.
  32. Observation.
I will follow this with pictures soon. :D

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy Busy Times and Jack

I keep telling myself that I can handle what I have "taken on". But this week, all things seem to be intersecting! Visiting friends, school photos, a four day Field Trip, PTO volunteer work. Everything has to happen NOW!!!

I decided to pause and share a few quick Smile-Inducing-Photos of Jack...

Last week I went by for a Study Group in my Geology Lab. While we waited for the other students, my Professor sat down and chatted with Jack (for 30 minutes!) about Jack's rocks. Here, Jack is doing a "streak test" of Pyrite on a piece of porcelain.

In the end, Jack tried to trade rocks with the Professor, but Dr. Love gave Jack two rocks to add to his collection, and Jack started pulling new rocks out and properly identifying them. :D

Jack and dirt go hand-in-hand.

Here, he's waiting for Frank at school and I'm testing out my new Telephoto Lens (compliments of who else but Keith!)

This is a series of photos I took just before sunset last week.

Jack had such character about him this day.

From his clothes to his expressions,

This photo shoot was just All Jack!

Here's lookin' at you!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

T Minus Six Days and Counting

Me on a bus filled with ~50 college "kids".

College Field Trip
Physical Geology Science Lab

No hubby.
No children.
No cell phone.

Four days, three nights.
Me with "ONE bag the size of a Paper Grocery Sack" (and a sleeping bag).
This I've GOT to see!!!

Wind River Mountain Range.
South Pass.
Thermopolis Hot Springs.
Damn on a Fault Line.
Yellowstone National Park.
Grand Tetons.
...Fall colors?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photojournalist in Your Midst

Since receiving my new camera, I've talked with the local paper's publisher, and occasionally, I've been submitting photos. Today my first photo was published:
Rock of Love

Photo courtesy of Suzy Sholar
Charlie Love presents information about the terrain surrounding the Community College on Sept. 1.
I'm just a little bit giddy about the whole thing. ;)

Photojournalism. One of the many services I offer!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Parenting with Love and Logic

Over the Summer, I've had at least four different people refer me to "Parenting with Love and Logic" by Foster Cline and Jim Fay. Some of them come from people whose accompanying testimonials / reviews are quite powerful to me. Finally, I started reading and listening to the copies from my library.

Love and Logic:
Turning Frank and Jack's world upside down!

In as little as two days, I began to notice a difference in the boys' behavior, but more importantly, I can see and feel a HUGE shift in MY attitude! I'm calm and patient like I've never been before! Granted, I haven't read through it all, and it's not fully ingrained yet, but when I start slipping back into "my old ways", is when things around the house start to disintegrate. Interestingly enough, these Times of Disintegration also seem to coincide with neglecting my food and or sleep needs. Hmmm....

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Observations from First Grade - Day One

Frank, who's always been off the Growth Charts (90th%-100th+%) came home from his first day at Public School and said "there's some small kids in the class AND THEY'RE FIRST GRADERS!" He almost sounded sorry for them, and a ...little protective too.

Frank's perception is a bit skewed... he's wearing size 4.5W shoes, size L/10-12 clothes... and he's SIX!!!

The best part of school was that they "lightened my stuff", by keeping all the "donations" and his pencil box at school.

Here are a few other observations after Frank returned from his first day in First Grade (and first day as a "full-time" Public School Student!)

Frank remembers the shirt (Batman) his "New Best Buddy" was wearing, but not his name.

Frank remembers a girl he's "seen before", who's also in his class, "Lacey".

Frank only ate half his lunch, because he "sat at the wrong table" and "forgot to get in line to buy his milk".

When, at dinner time I snapped at Frank after he ask me for the third time to "guess where my socks are", he walked off mumbling to himself "okay, no guessing games with Mom!" I'd *guess* they played some guessing games at school today! ;P

Frank was tired and emotional when I picked him up (one sentence from Jack triggered tears). I think Frank had a good day, just half a lunch, no good snacks, and no quiet time, plus A LOT of new situations and stimuli, along with his more quiet, observant personality led to a brief break down.

Tonight, he was all excited to see if he could get ready for school in 15 minutes again tomorrow like he did today. I'll take that as a good sign that he enjoyed himself!

In what universe are MARSHMALLOWS considered a good idea for snack time for a classroom of six year olds?~!?!?

Perhaps the Marshmallows come from the same universe where "standing in line" means the same thing as jumping up two feet off the ground, onto the brick dais, and then pretending you are a Transformer, complete with statutory pauses.

All-in-all, I trust Frank had a good day. He didn't talk about it much, but then, he's always been quiet and observant when in new situations. He'll open up soon, and there will be no stopping him! :D

Monday, September 07, 2009

Calling all Lego Lovers!

A friend turned us onto the free monthly publication from Lego. My boys love getting their own "mail" (they happen to fall into two different age groups, so we wind up with two different magazines each month).

Every issue has at least one project to make using the "standard" Lego blocks. This month, Jack enjoyed making a dragon.

If you are interested in getting yourself (or someone else) a fun, free publication, visit the Lego Club Magazine online.