Saturday, July 14, 2007

Auction Addicts

Well, Tom and I enjoy ebay auctions, today we went to our first live auction. We enjoyed it too! Among my treasurers are a set of four antique ice cream parlor chairs and a tredal Singer sewing machine. I'll have to get some pictures for you, but, for the meantime know that they have character and are beautiful! :D Not realizing how long I'd be out (four hours, 10a-2p), I wore a sleeveless top and wound up with a sunburn on my arms and chest. :P I still had fun.

I'm sitting outside the library, on the concrete, plugged into the only working outlet I could find. There are clouds rolling in and there is thunder rumbling. We won't be here long enough to warrant setting up internet at my cousins'. I've realized I'm a HUGE net junkie! I use it for EVERYTHING! Communicating with friends, informations, bill-paying, photos, recreation. Around 1993 when I first heard of the World Wide Web, I knew it was something I should stay away from for as long as possible (which I did), because once I started using it, I knew I would want to keep going... feeling rain droplets... gotta run!

Suzy :)

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Anonymous said...

Good to finally hear about your trip. I had emailed you awhile ago, and never heard from you. When are you planning on getting to your new home? Are you going to rent for awhile? Write when you can.