Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jack, By Special Request

The Great, Great Uncle, whose name he shares, has made a special request to see what our Youngest has been up to during all the on-goings with his big brother's surgery. And since I'm all-about People Pleasing, here's a fill of pictures of My Little Trouble Maker.

Jack has no problem wearing his clothes inside out, Actually, he has a problem if you try to convince him that maybe, possibly, he could turn them around!

Throughout the surgery and hosptial stay, Jack was almost ALWAYS's.side.

By Frank's side except when Jack couldn't be, like here, in the Surgical Waiting Area for families.

Bringing a present as Frank woke up from the Morphine.

Showing off the Ronald McDonald House, where he kicked Daddy in the back two-nights-in-a-row in the "Twin" (says Daddy) "Full" (says Mommy) size bed.

Going on walks around the hospital and wearing the gloves, just because brother had to, so then, Jack must also hae some gloves.

Jack still gets up at his normal time, kicks Dad it the back for two hours, and then waits bedside for Frank to wake up.

Waiting on the "guest bed" while Mom packs up to go home from the hospital.

Watching the final blood draw at the hospital.

Always trying to help (and often being held back)!

Chilling at home.

Most days, Jack dresses himself.

"Helping" Grandad remove the Steri-Strips.

"Holding up" the stairs at our local Community College / Dinosaur Exhibit.

Watching the surgeon remove the stitches.

Playing with the camera outside the Ronald McDonald House.

There you go. A snapshot look at Jack for the past little bit... there's no turning back now!

There may be "no turning back" but, when Jack gets a look in his eyes like this, make CERTAIN that you DON'T TURN YOUR BACK on him! Mischief will soon follow in his wake!

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Anonymous said...

love the pics of the boys. They are adorable.