Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Twelve never sounded so good!

After twelve nights away from Wyoming, I went shopping today and I bought two pair of size twelve pants (cords & jeans). I'm so excited!

Last year on my trip down here, I was in a size sixteen. I'd gained all this weight over the sedentry, cold winter and hadn't even realized it. Then, I came and saw my girlfriends (who'd all been walking in the nice Arizona weather, and going to the gym) and they had been loosing weight while I gained it. I.felt.horrible!

I went home with an plan. I've not been perfect about it, but I have been consistent and aware of it. I wanted to be in a twelve by the next Arizona trip... and I did it!

My next goal... size ten! And continuing to add more exercise and better diet and more rest and, well, there's always room for improvement... isn't there? :)


Becky said...

Good job Suzy

marie*jolie said...

Way to go! You can do it!!!