Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I thought this day would never come...

You know the one? The one where I'm enjoying and looking forward to time spent knitting. The day where I'm shirking other responsibility (like cooking and cleaning and talking with people) just so I can sit and knit! Yeah, that's the day I never expected to see. It's ONLY taken me 25 months of diligently performing my Domestic Duty of knitting to stumble upon The Project. The one with the perfect yarn and the perfect needles and the perfect me!

Since I hurt my back over Thanksgiving weekend, I've been required to do a whole lot of resting. After talking with my friend Marie about a shawl (Show Your Colors by Spunky Eclectic) we saw at her former LKS (local knitting shop), and how much she loves her finished version, I dug around in my stash and found some Sport Weight Lorna's Laces Wool Yarns I'd bought in California last Fall.

I've since started the shawl, which I intend to use all three color-ways (called: Child's Play, Apple Hill, and Uptown). I'll be knitting them progressing from dark to light (or right to left in the picture). And I just LOVE making it! It's the first knitting project I've worked on that I WANT to do (not just NEED to), know what I mean?

{the above is a photo of the test swatch, not the shawl}

This morning, Tom said "What are you doing?", then looked over to find my head literally bobbing along in time with my stitches. It was so subtle I didn't even realize I was doing it. I was just in a groove and smiling as I stitched away. This is my biggest project so far, and I know it will feel slower going as I move along, but I hope I can keep up my enjoyment with it and that I'll love the finished product as much as I am enjoying making it!

I also love watching the way the color pools together... look how it coagulated perfectly on my needle on this row.

By the way, it's quite a bit bigger now, this photo was from two days ago. ;)

What are you doing on your holidays?


This is my 400th blog post, and somewhat by the way of noting it, I've updated the blog format AND, ***FINALLY***, created my own blog header. Anyone recognize the objects used in the photo? Mayhap I'll send a prize (
I've been cleaning out my sewing studio and I have collected a nice little bag of goodies) out to someone who knows from whence the objects come. I'll give you until noon on New Year's Day to figure it out and leave a comment! ;)


Marie-Jolie said...

Yay! I'm SO happy for you to be loving the shawl and stitching so happily. That is great to hear. :) When a project like that comes along it's like a match made in heaven (and I love the yarn you are using!). I wish I could guess what those little shiny things are in your blog header, but I'm stumped. I'll keep thinking, and if I come up with a stroke of genius I'll let you know!

Anonymous said...

Ok so my guess is that it is those square rhinestone jewels that you can put on costumes or crafts projects, whatever they are they are shiny and pretty, like a dinglehopper, hee hee, have fun with your new projects!wyogirl1