Friday, January 01, 2010

Favorite Holiday Tradition

Whenever I am queried as to my "favorite holiday tradition" I always refer to The Gingerbread House. First of all "Mom" builds a stable gingerbread house form.

Then the children spend an evening getting rid of their old Halloween Candy.

Tricky as it is, the kids don't realize they are getting rid of "good" candy!

It can be delightful to listen to the sounds of joy when the children's collaborations come to a successful conclusion as they reach a consensus on the "perfect" roof design!

This house decorating is serious business... it takes concentration (and a steady hand)!

I *really* wish I could get a photo of their excitement about making the Gingerbread House AFTER they finish. Instead, they are usually tired out and turn to goofy-picture-making-antics...

Finally, we enjoy our creation throughout the Holiday Season.

You know how after Christmas, Santa's Elves don't have a lot to do? Well, many people don't realize it, but The Elves actually go around the world filling Gingerbread Houses with popcorn and treats!

The grand finale arrives on New Year's Eve!

On New Year's Eve, the children get to stay up as late as the littlest one can. Then, just before going to bed they smash up the house, Pinata style.

The kids also like to try the stale gingerbread and candies, but seldom eat much of it.

Often they also enjoy a special sweet drink (link Orange Soda or Raspberry Frapee) before heading off to bed having brought in the New Year in the best way a kid can... with a little bit of destruction leading to sweet treats and tiny toy surprises!

Did you notice another "sneaky Mom tactic"? Getting rid of the prized creation, through it's untimely destruction, at the hands of it's creators, with hammers? Yeah. We Mom's are tricky that way... of course, I learned from the best, my very own Mom!

Here's wishing you a Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

love you all and to all a Happy New Year Mom

Anonymous said...

I keep forgeting to smash the house, oh and put stuff into it, I love the tradition, I am going to implement it next year! We decorate one every year but what a sneaky way to get rid of it, loveeee it! The picture is great of the years gone by, boy everyone has gotten big! Has it been that long since you have come to Wyoming! We shall have to bestow the official Wyomininte title to you all!Wyogirl1

SuzyQSparkles said...

We are in our third Wyoming Winter now... this Spring will be 3 years. Eek... still not sure if I'm ready to be a Wyomingite... ;@)

Eddy G. said...

What a wonderful idea. I never made one because i thought the kids would sneak bits of it all through the christmas season - but if there is a finalle to look forwards to - maybe they won't (or the elves may not fill it if it is damaged beforehand)

SuzyQSparkles said...

Eddy G-
I think you are right about the elves not filling something damaged. Only homes (and children) kept in good order are visited by Santa and his helpers! ;)

It really is a great tradition that covers so many things, Halloween, baking, decorating, creating, Christmas, New Year's, treats, surprises, mystery and wonder. It's lots of fun!