Monday, November 15, 2010

Testing a Blog Board

I skim lots of blogs. As such, I've already forgotten (just since yesterday) where I heard the term "Blog Board" and found the link to MCP Actions. I just tried out their free "Try-Me" blog board though, and I must say, it's very cool!

During our last Arizona trip, the boys were helping their Great Aunt clean up some fall debris from around her house.

This "blog board" action was super easy to use! Now, I'd like to figure out how to create my own templates for this type of thing. So, if any Photoshop savvy readers are out there and can tell me how to do this type of thing, I'd sure appreciate it! I already know a bit about working in Photoshop and creating Actions, I'm just not sure how to create the steps where photos are loaded (and resized) into the proper layer positions.

Oh yeah, I also used the "Soft & Faded" action from The Pioneer Woman's Free Action Set #1.

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