Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recipes- Pizza

Need an idea for a fun dinner on New Year's Eve? How about homemade pizzas. Our favorite sauce recipe is Papa John's Copycat ( #108447). I use tomato sauce instead of paste and water (8 oz = half batch = 1 pizza).

If you'd like to make your own crust, this is a good recipe for Stuffed Crusts ( #36121).

We've been making pizza's each week on Friday night. The kids love making their own (from shaping and pricking the dough to making up their crazy toppings). I enjoy making funky toppings like Fajita's or BBQ Chicken to go on top the crust.

The other crust I've been enjoying is from the book "Breaking Bread with Father Dominic". What I find interesting (different) about his recipe is that it uses brown sugar and olive oil. I searched and searched online for a posting of this recipe but couldn't find one. Since it is copyrighted, if you are interested in it, I'd have to say to look the book up at your local library. ;)

My best HOME BAKING TIP comes from my cousin, Bobby. He taught me to precook your crust for 10-15 minutes at a VERY hot temperature (450°-500°F) then add your toppings and cook 10-12 more minutes. This will help your crust "hold up". ;)

As always, I love to hear if you've made use of any of my favorite recipes and how they worked for you. Enjoy!


trisha too said...

SuzyQ, I've seen you about on FB, but you haven't posted forever--what's up??


SuzyQSparkles said...


My Blog has completely fallen into disuse since I got on FB in 2009. This is unfortunate for several people who look to the blog only (yes, I DO Have friends who are NOT on FB! {gasp!})

I will endeavor to be better about blog posts though... ;)