Saturday, October 07, 2006

Perfect Epiphany

I know I'm a perfectionist. I realize that this causes me a GREAT deal of grief for ME! Today I had a new and even bigger epiphany about my perfectionism. I want everything to be perfect - most of all me. Because I set such high (and impossible standards for myself) I tend to set them for those around me too - especially my family! I'm just now (as I'm typing) thinking this TRULY isn't fair for two small children - namley my sons - to be expcted to be perfect... but I diverge. My epiphany was that even if I do everything absolutley perfect regarding raising my children, they're would still be problems, and troubles, and obstacles with my children. I know, for many of you, this seems like a "duh" statement. But when I had it today, it was like someone slapped me across the face. Not only am I striving for something I could never obtain, but if I could obtain it, the "desired" result still wouldn't be there. This really was the Perfect Epiphany for me to have.

We - I totally lost my next train of thought. I'm tired, so, I guess I'll be off to bed now to dream more insight into relaxing my standards - for me and for those around me.

Ponderous Suzy

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