Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cheap Art Paper for Kids

I’ve just decided that buying “art” paper for our young children is a TOTAL RIP OFF! I went to my local newspaper today. I was able to buy a roll of plain newsprint, 27” W to like 4’ W for TWO DOLLARS a roll! This is a HUGE roll! Also, it comes to mind that perhaps wrapping paper is a total rip too!!! Anyway, you know how we buy little tablets of “art” paper or rolls of “fingerpaint paper” or other things? Our young kids just want to draw / paint / color… they don’t care how expensive the paper was! I can think of all sorts of things do let the kids do with this… I can cut it down into “standard” sizes, or cover floors / walls / tables with it and let them go crazy! It can also be a temporary drop cloth for their projects.

Just thought I’d share with you… use you local newspaper as a resource for cheap art paper for kids!

Suzy :D

PS: I think I may buy some of this and take it to my son's school... I'm sure they'd appreciate it too!

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