Monday, June 25, 2007

FINALLY on the Road!

We're FINALLY on the road North to Wyoming! We left Chandler around 3:30 pm and arrived in Flagstaff about 7:30. Along the way, we stopped at Kohl's, for my Father-In-Law, a potty break, and pictures in Sedona.

Notice we took the scenic route through Sedona (much to FIL's chargin'... I wish I could describe the flames in his eye and the twitch of his lip when I mentioned my preference to this route! - it was HILARIOUS and kept my Mom and I giggling for hours!) Let's see, we drove around Flagstaff for 30 minutes looking for the hotel... we had a good day.

I really wanted to "play" more with my friends and family these past few weeks in Arizona, but with our home sale falling through, situations dictated that I spend a great deal more time preparing the house for sale. I feel good about what I've done and look forward to a quick, successful, profitable sale!

It will be nice to get to our "destination" and to see family and to see my hubby (Friday or Saturday) AND to see the horses! I'm looking forward to all of it! Now, to bed! My FIL's alarm is going off in seven hours and five minutes... who ever heard of an alarm clock on a road trip?! We don't even have anywhere we "have to be" at any certain time! :P I guess that's what we get with two "Generals" on the trip (me of my household and him of his family!)

Suzy :D

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