Monday, November 12, 2007

Wall Art, Aprons, and Other Homey Feeling Stuff

Enough was enough! Friday night, after living in this apartment for two months, my husband and I were tired of not having or knowing where our things were. We decided to go to our storage unit with our sleeves rolled up on Saturday. We got there at 8:30 am and worked out a system where he brought boxes to a table, we opened them, peeked inside, I labeled the boxes and then we stacked them out side according to "keep out", "up front" or "who cares! (ie: in the back of the storage unit". In four hours we got through 75% of our boxes and restacked everything in. Hubby tried to make aisles, but we still have too much, so, the aisles got filled in.

As a treat as much for us as for our very patient boys (they rested in the back of the van, played in the dirt and with toys we were finding, and even helped a little), we went to Pizza Hut. We came home exhaused and eventually managed to unload both our vehicles (they were full of boxes and baskets of things we were wanting) into our already cramped 800 sq ft apartment. Perhaps I should mention that six months ago we were living in a 2200 sq ft home. We moved in a whirlwind and had intended to be in another (smaller) home by now. So... we didn't pack for living in an apartment for a long time. Saturday was exhausting, but it was also better than Christmas! So many things we discovered... our things... things we love... before we moved, we eliminated a lot of things we: didn't like, only liked, didn't use, were broken, etc. So, the stuff we moved was (mostly) stuff we still want. Unfortunatley, that last 25% contains most of the items my hubby was looking for. I found everything I wanted and more in our storage dive. I'm rambling...

As a result of the dive, I have a lot of our wall "stuff". Yesterday and today I hung over two dozen things on our walls. The pictures, paintings, and portraits make it feel like "home" and the clocks are just handy to have up.

Besides the pictures, I've unpacked about 5 boxes. I feel like I should have done more... but I'm also quite tired from the dive. Plus, today, I went to water aerobics (for the first time in seven years). Yeah me! While waiting for the teacher I was lap swimming. 1 1/2 laps and I had to stop because my chest was tightening up... what's that all about!? Don't exercise for YEARS and you're body wants to stop breathing! I'm sure I'll be sore by Wednesday, but I really do want to start the water aerobics three times a week. I know it will help me feel better on so many levels.

Boxes make me edgy, like I'm not doing enough. Gotta get through these boxes! Let's see, there are about 15, so, two a day will have be done by the weekend, three by Saturday, no, just go for two. Unpack two boxes a day each day... I can do that! :D

Do you find that certain clothes get you in the mood to do things? When I was hanging all those things on the wall, I put on an apron my girlfriend made (it didn't fit her and I liked it, so, she gave it to me, I fixed it, and it has since become my "work apron".) When I put on my "work apron" my mind just *clicks* into gear and I'm ready to work... especially if I put a bandana around my hair at the same time! I do the same thing with comfort clothes... if I'm not feeling good, I put on some pants with elastic (sweats / flannel / satin PJ's) and my body just *knows* that it's time to rest. I don't feel compelled to push myself like I usually do in jeans and tennis shoes.

The apron is awesome... from a Simplicity pattern #5313 view D. We crisscross the straps across the back too (switch the shoulder seams when sewing) and it stays on better. I love all the pockets, though I've had to repair mine several times from catching the pockets on things (like door fixtures) and I walk by. When I was digging out the pattern, I found the pattern for a kids apron, Simplicity 4286 I was planning to make view D for my boys... perhaps I can throw them together for Christmas. I also found the "lost" fabric to make a present for the friend who gave me the apron in the first place. Guess I was inspired to share my work apron with all of you!

Suzy :D


Concerned said...

You do realize the pictures for the apron is of girls...not boys?

SuzyQSparkles said...

Yes. Do you realize that boys and men wear aprons and smocks and when sewn in "manly" colors, boys too enjoy wearing them. I have Thoams the Train fabric (that my boys picked out) to sew them the smock shown on the right (the two photos).

I can't believe how limited our society is on what's appropriate for "boys" or "girls"!!! I have a son who likes to cook, clean, play iwth dolls, sew, and do other "girl" things. It reminds me that many things we perceive as being for "girls" began with the "boys"... take for example, wigs, high-heels, lace, and ruffles.

Let's try to open our minds! It was okay for women to vote and join the work-force and the military, but a boy can't wear an apron without being ridiculed?! Come-on!!!

Suzy >P