Friday, April 16, 2010

Warms the Heart

Yesterday I watched Jack at his first ever Little League (T-Ball) Practice. We've tried catching and hitting once or twice, but it's been more than a year (two I think). He has always been such a natural at anything that involves aiming! Seriously, since the kid could throw/hit, he "always hits his target". We recognized this last summer when Tom woke me to tell me Jack had just hit a neighbor girl in the head with a rock. Coming out of my nap I said "what did she do to him; he always hits what he aims at." No one had thought to ask, turns out she had been taunting Jack, telling him her little sister was his girl friend. Jack didn't want a girl friend!

In any case, all this to say, I wasn't at all surprised yesterday when he excelled at hitting, catching and throwing. He even caused the first injury of the season when he smacked his first ball from the T and caused two boys to smack noggins chasing his hit. Many tears ensued and I watched, full of pride at Jack's great hit... is that too wrong? I really felt a swelling of pride watching him play... he's such a natural athlete. I wonder what sport(s) he will enjoy most and I will be watching through the years... I really do like baseball and hope that I am on the side-lines of many future games!

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Gingerella said...

I have REALLY experience this first swelling of pride over Kylie's sports achievements this year and it has surprised me. I didn't know that I was THAT Mom, ya know. I thought I was so much more humble or something. I feel a little bit guilty when I'm cheering her on ruthlessly and thinking maybe I should be cheering some other kids too or not be so gleeful when she outwits or out plays the opposing team. I thought myself rather mild mannered and not a huge sports enthusiastist but watch OUT..I think I have years of loud, raucous cheering at sports events ahead.