Saturday, May 29, 2010

Healthy Snack Combos

While visiting my cousin, I found a great list of snack ideas on the side of her fridge. I typed the list, then began adding some of our favorite snacks. I'd love to know your families favorite snacks too, so I can add them to the compilation. Here's what we have so far:

  1. orange sections & pretzel sticks
  2. banana bread & lowfat milk
  3. low fat yogurt & fruit
  4. whole-wheat toast, spread w/ applesauce & topped w/ cinnamon
  5. apple wedges & cheese
  6. toasted english muffin w/ cheese
  7. refried beans & cheese on tortillas
  8. shredded whole wheat cereal w/ fruit slices & milk
  9. pumpernickle bread & a tangerine
  10. bran muffin & juice
  11. oatmeal cookie & a plum
  12. cinnamon rice cake & a peach
  13. whole wheat toast & a sliced tomato
  14. waffle square & strawberries
  15. graham crackers & a pear
  16. raisin toast & orange juice
  17. pita bread & peanut butter
  18. gingersnaps & applesauce
  19. saltines & vegetable sticks
  20. whole wheat breadsticksa & juice
  21. toasted English muffin & lowfat milk
  22. cinnamon toast & pineapple juice
  23. bagel & orange slices
  24. corn muffin, jam & juice
  25. tortilla & nonfat refried beans
  26. crackers & cheese
  27. cheese & a fruit cup
  28. trainl mix & juice
  29. rye wafers, light cream cheese & juice
  30. cucumber, carrot & cottage cheese
  31. rice cakes & light cream cheese or peanut butter
  32. cut up vegetables w/ non-fat ranch dressing
  33. string cheese & celery
  34. cottage cheese w/ crushed pineapple
  35. low fat granola & a baked apple
  36. sliced peaches in light syrup & lowfat milk
  37. chocolate chip cookie & pineappple chunks
  38. beef chili & lowfat milk
  39. broccoli flowerets 2/ lowfat French salad dressing & corn muffin
  40. French toast sticks w/ maple syrup & lowfat milk
  41. graham crackers & lowfat milk
  42. banana & lowfat chocolate milk
  43. peanut butter & jelly sandwich on whole-wheat bread
  44. soft bread sticks w/ spaghetti sauce
  45. salad-in-a-bag: mixed salad greens w/ lowfat Italian dressing
  46. baked potato wedges w/ cheese sauce & lowfat milk
  47. pear & lowfat milk
  48. apple & lowfat flavored yogurt
  49. bagel w light cream cheese & juice
  50. pasta & vegetable salad & lowfat milk
  51. tuna salad sandwichmixed fruit in light syrup & lowfat chocolate milk
  52. brownie & lowfat milk
  53. sliced peaches in light syrup & lowfat milk
  54. wheat crackers & lowfat chocolate milk
  55. grape juice & lowfat American cheese cubes
  56. soft pretzel & broccoli flowerets w/ lowfat French salad dressing
  57. oatmeal-rasin cookie & lowfat milk
  58. banana & lowfat flavored yogurt
  59. carrot sticks/pepper strips w/ lowfat ranch dressing & lowfat milk
  60. orange juice & soft bread sticks w/ spaghetti sauce
  61. cereal bar & lowfat chocolate milk
  62. pineapple chunks & blueberry muffin square
  63. red or green grapes & mozzarella string cheese
  64. raisin bread w/ light cream cheese & lowfat milk
  65. cereal & lowfat milk or juice
  66. tortilla chips w/ salsa & lowfat milk
  67. apple juice & turkey ham cubes
  68. sliced pears in light syrup & English muffin w/ peanut butter
  69. pretzel sticks & lowfat milk
  70. celery stuffed w/ cottage cheese & topped w/ rasins
  71. baked apple filled w/ pineapple chunks & topped w/ nuts
  72. cheese slice & a pickle
  73. tomato slice w/ tuna & melted cheese
  74. raw veggies w/ hummus (chickpea) or yogurt dip
  75. open-face tomato & cucmber sandwich on whole-wheat bread
  76. orange slices, dates, & shredded coconut
  77. sliced cucumbers sprinkled w/ vinegar
  78. health shake (yogurt, pineapple juice, strawberries, & banana mixed in blender)
  79. cottage cheese w/ apple slices
  80. banana pops (sliced bananas dipped in orange juice & rolled in wheat germ, finely chopped nutes, or coconut; wrapped in foil & refrigerate)
  81. quick pizzas (tomato sauce, grated lowfat cheese, seasonings, chopped vegetables on half an english muffin)
  82. a frozen banana
  83. honeydew melon wedge sprinkled w/ lime juice
  84. partially thoawed frozed strawberries w/ milk & vanilla
  85. cantaloupe w/ cottage cheese
  86. glass of buttermilk, flavored w/ orange juice concentrate
  87. tahini (ground seasme-seed butter) on whole wheat toast
  88. broccoli flowerets steamed & sprinkled w/ lemon
  89. plain yogurt topped w/ fresh or water-packed peaches
  90. banana slices topped w/ yogurt & cinnamon
  91. cherry tomatoes dipped in yogurt
  92. dates w/ lowfat cottage cheese
  93. applesauce topped w/ cinnamon
  94. peanut butter on oatmeal bread
  95. carrot-rasin salad & yogurt dressing
  96. air-popped popcorn & a smoothie (banana, frozen/fresh fruit, juice/gatorade, yogurt all blended together)
  97. tortilla chips & salsa
  98. chips w/ con queso cheese & sour cream
  99. sliced apples w/ peanut butter
  100. graham crackers w/ applesauce
  101. saltine crackers w/ peanut butter
  102. Quesadilla / cheese crisp (tortilla w/ cheese warmed in microwave or skillet)

Please! Add a commet with your favorite health snack ideas. I'd love to hear more ideas. ;)


Cricket said...

Our go to snacks are...
1) Hummus and pita bread
2) Mixed fresh berry bowl (strawberry/blueberry/raspberry/blackberry)
3) String cheese and grapes
4) Fresh fruit/yogurt smoothie (we will use frozen fruit if berries are not available)
5) Otter Pop!
6) Protein shake w/ fresh fruit mixed in

Tonia said...

Ton of great ideas here! WOW! And reading them has made me hungry, so I had to stop! One thing the kids love is tortillas spread with peanut butter, drizzled in honey, sprinkled in granola. Rolled up and then cut into pieces, Little wheels of yum!

trisha too said...

that's a great list!

I like:

1. lowfat yogurt
2. string cheese and some good crackers
3. almonds
4. the Fiber One granola bars--they're like a candy bar that's good for you!
5. carrots are always good
6. celery dipped in mustard (that's
pretty much no calories, so almost no nutritional value, either)
7. pretzel sticks dipped in mustard and a diet Dr. Pepper (again, not really healthy!)