Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rest & Relief

After the stresses of college, unemplyment and a move. The boys and I are resting for a few days at our families places in. Personally, I have slept 22 hours in 2 nights... more than I have in the past week. (Actually, I am ready for a nap!)
The boys are enjoying being able to play and visit without lots of places to go, things to do, or the general chaos that comes with moving.

The biggest relief came this morning, when Tom received a job offer with Siemens. He will start work in two weeks, and so is planning to fly up here to join the boys and I on our camping trip. We'll start with Yellowstone (on Memorial Day weekend... not necessarily the ideal time to go there (it will be BUSY), but SO GLAD to be able to go out together as a family).
Now, for that nap...

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Tabitha said...

Love the picture of Grandad and the boys. Hope your family enjoys the time out together. I have fond memories of Yellowstone. Congratulations on the job offer. That is stupendous news, especially in this climate. Enjoy your nap :-)