Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Getting Back ONLINE

I recently coined a phrase to describe something I do when I get too stressed and too tired for too long. I turn off the computer. I turn off the phone ringers. I chill out at home with my boys. I call this "Going Offline". I always warn my hubby first (he panics if he can't get ahold of me or doesn't get regular little text pages). Sometimes I'll warn another friend or two, but basically, if you want me, you'll leave a message and I'll get back when I can.

I know that I went "offline" a while a back... intentionally... but now looking at when my last post was, and thinking of my PC usage in general (not to mention my general activity level), I've been offline in many ways for quite a while. I just read TWO months worth of posts on a friend's blog. I enjoy reading her stories; they relax me and make me laugh, almost as much as chatting with her does. Right now I'm listening to some smooth music on a website she recommended (pandora)... it's also relaxing my hubby. We're listening to music in the style Harry Connick, Jr and Michael Buble.

Today I finished a project I started last month.

Actually, I chose fabric in five or six color ways to make like TWELVE of these. I've finished the borders for two more (same colors) and am ready to stitch their letters on. I started a club with my friends. We're working on projects each month this year, so that come September, we've got our Christmas projects all finished and we can ENJOY the HOLIDAYS with our friends and FAMILY. In any case, it was very nice to finish this one completely. Now, each time I walk by it (hanging on my wall) I smile. I also feel rejuvinated to finish other projects. The project most on my mind is a quilt I created for my husband in December. I designed and sewed it completely in the two weeks before Christmas, while he was at work, and without him discovering it. Then, I quilted it on a friend's long-arm on the 26th. Ever since, it's been sitting; waiting for binding and a label, and he's been very patiently waiting for it... so, I think it's time to finish it. Tomorrow, I'd like to prepare the binding (cut, sew, and press). I think I can get that done.

Now it's time to go spend some quiet time with my Sweetheart.


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Becky said...

Welcome Back! Blogging is so much fun. This is how I scrapbook my life.

Pandora is so much fun! I just added Harry Connick Jr. to mine.