Friday, August 10, 2007

A Few Days Away

We are headed to Salt Lake City, Utah tomorrow. Tom flys out on Sunday morning for three more weeks of training in Ohio. We are going to leave early tomorrow and spend the afternoon in SLC. We intend to go to a train shop and a water park tomorrow. On Sunday, I'll do some shopping (tennis shoes and who-knows-what-else) and then head back to Wyoming around lunch time. It's a five hour drive each way. I'm sad about Tom leaving again, but looking forward to a fun day with him and the boys tomorrow.

PS: Nothing's happening on the quilt project except a lot of guilty feelings. :P

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Cricket said...

Guilt guilt guilt...feel it! I have started a new quilt since I have to get a few made before Christmas. I have totally taken on this project solo, including going to the store and picking out every piece of fabric in one trip without anyone else to bounce ideas off of. I am rather impressed with myself! I am presently cutting the fabric and will start marking and sewing by this weekend.

Any luck on the gardener/landscaper situation?

I hope you enjoyed your trip to SLC and had a nice fmaily day with the men in your life.

Talk to you soon!