Thursday, August 23, 2007

Feeling More Productive

The past few days (since I got my packet from "The Feel Good Group") I've been feeling more productive. Actually, it's also since I started working on a simple quilt (last Saturday). I realized I needed something to motivate me. Something more than feeding, clothing, and cleaning up after me and the boys. I needed a project (hmm... I seem to remember thinking of "that Project Thing" a few months ago, guess I forgot for a bit). Anyway, I started working on the quilt so I would have something to think about and do. I find if I have a fun project going, then I think about it when I fall asleep and also it gets me out of bed in the morning, even if I don't work on it in the morning, I get my "work" done quicker so I can reward myself with play time. I've got to have something fun to do in order to motivate me to do the not-so-fun things.

I've been making progress with reducing the price of our home and with arranging for our things to be moved. I'm even feeling excited about a few leads on selling the house. I've also been making more time to work on the computer regurally, which means I'll soon be caught up enough to do some stuff with pictures. This is good, because I've got some pre-paid prints expiring on Shutterfly next month.

Suzy :D
PS: Yesterday, while out exploring the countryside, I stopped to take pictures of the fields, and flowers, mountains, and sky. Then, while taking them, I realized my adorable boys, waiting in the van, would look great with this charming background. I've included one of the pictures I took of Frank and Jack. :D

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Cricket said...

Projects huh? I could recommend a project for you to finish Miss Sparkle! A certain pattern is just wasting away in that pretty head of yours. :-)