Monday, August 06, 2007


There was a time (when I was about twenty) when I wanted six children. Presently we live with my cousins family of five. In the past week and a half eight of the nine of us have been sick. The past few days the other mother has been SERIOUSLY bedridden, so, I've been trying to run the show AND keep five kids quiet as mice. I must have been INSANE to ever think six children was a good idea!

On a related note, in this large household there is a Extra-Super-Large-Capacity washing machine that basically washes two loads at once. Yesterday, I processed TEN of these loads, which was about equal to TWENTY normal loads! Yeah me!!!

Today my Grandma, my second cousin (age seven), and I spent two hours working on zuchinni... LOTS of zuchinni. Zuchinni that's eight inches around and eighteen inches long! We peeled, scraped seeds, and shredded 26 cups of zuchinni! Wow! I wish I'd weighed it first.

I'm feeling small successes these days with VERY domestic things... cleaning, laundry, and cooking!


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Cricket said...

Small successes are often times the best to have IMHO. Large victory comes with large amounts of work and when you have kids it is not always possible so take them as you get them regardless of the size.

Sounds like you are having fun in Wyoming. Can't wait to hear from you!