Monday, October 01, 2007

Time for Reflection and Celebration

Frank celebrated his fifth birthday today. I could dwell on how fast time goes, but instead I'd rather say that we really enjoyed Frank today. Saturday we had some family over and a little party and we did the same thing today. We're going to do it again for the next two weeks while driving home and visiting friends and family. Tonight I sat watching him, wondering, as so many parents do, what kind of man he will become, and feeling sure that I'll be delighted with him.

I also decided that when there is a birthday in a family, all children under like five should also get presents along with the birthday celebrant. Poor Jack just couldn't understand why Frank kept receiving gifts and even though I had presents for Jack, they weren't the same or as fancy. Tom and I felt so bad for the big, gloppy tears Jack was crying by 5:00 pm... he wound up being rocked to sleep by his Daddy because he was so sad and tired. Why is it that often when one person is very happy another is very sad?

Today my grandparents came to visit. They were with me when Frank was born. They had three children, eight grandchildren, and now have twenty-five great-grandchildren. Frank was the tenth great-grandchild and is the only baby they've ever seen born (of course my GM saw her three, but GD didn't... just Frank.) I like to think this gives them a special bond. They actually waited for him to be born for about a month... they drove from WY to AZ, parked in our driveway and waited... playing Pinochle often... this was a very long time for them to be anywhere. They are usually only gone from home a week to ten days. I am still so grateful that they were there for us! Here's a picture of the boys with "Greybeard" (my Grandad, their Gread-GD). While they were here today, we surprised GD with a little gift (he turns 78 in exactly one week). Also, we got a card for Frank from GD's sister, Adeline. She turned 80 today... Frank was her BDay present on her 75th! :D

At bedtime, Frank got ready by himself - quickly! We think he was worn out from the day. I laid down next to him in his bed and told him about the day he was born and how we named him. He was delighted and I was so satisfied and pleased. As I was telling the story I mentioned he was all snuggled under a quilt I'd made him (on his first night with us) and I paused to go get the quilt. He's still snuggled under it and sleeping now. :D
Suzy :D

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Becky said...

Funny that you should write about measuring time. I just went and posted on my blog about time. Must be a natural thing to think of when celebrating birthdays.