Thursday, September 27, 2007

An Introduction to Me and My Family

I just wrote to a new lady that I've been emailing, she and I are trying to plan some time to get together, but she wanted to know a little bit about me. Here's what I wrote... I think it's an interesting Time-Capsule-Like shot of my life.
Next week Frank turns five (on Monday) and then Wednesday we leave for a two week trip home... to Phoenix, Arizona. We moved up here (to Rock Springs, Wyoming) at the beginning of the summer after trying to get a job in Lander/Riverton for about eight months. My husband and I are from Phoenix, Arizona, born and raised; we love the desert and our home, but decided that we wanted to get out of the "concrete jungle" that Phoenix had become (especially the crime and pollution). So, two years ago we started looking at the places where our family lived for a new place to settle and raise our boys... we knew we wanted to be near family, we just had to decide whom we wanted to live near and what area. Last summer we came to visit my GP's, Uncle, Aunt, and Cousins family (all in Lander). We kept extending our visit and just didn't want to go home. So, when we got home, we started trying to figure out what to do for a living. My husband was a Marine for 13 years and then went into the high-tech field of IC Chip production. He didn't really love it, but the pay was good. So, the fact that he's now retraining in a much more relaxed job is a great thing for us... even though we took a 45% pay cut to come to a comparable cost of living place (thanks to the Oil Boom!) I feel like I'm starting over again financially as well as location wise.

The hardest part of moving is that we left a LARGE circle of friends in Arizona, as well as my Father-In-Law and my Aunt, both of whom we are close too. One of my friend's birthdays in October 5th and her husband is helping to fincance my drive home so I can surprise her on her birthday (which she's figured out but I don't think she's planning to tell him that!)

I've always thought it would be neat to do what you do with homes... buy, fix, sell, but it's just never happened for me. Presently we're living in an apartment (which we are paying for with our retirement money) because our home sale in Arizona fell thorugh (on the day of closing back in June). We are eagerly awaiting a new buyer for our home (which is in Mesa, Arizona).

I worked for 10 years (basically as an admin assistant, then for a year as a professional photographer). Then, when I was pregnant with Frank (by soon-to-be-five year old) I quit and have been a SAHM since - although it seems I'm seldom "at home", we keep quite busy between social, educational, and family visits, I'm always out doing "something" with them.

That's funny about the "knocking back a beer" because while Tom (my hubby) wasn't alcoholic he did drink A LOT. His old friend Jack (Daniels) has ruined his stomach, so now he'll have an occassional beer or as a luxury a mild Jack and Coke from time to time. Just this year I decided to learn to drink wine... I needed to relax and red wine suppose to be very good for you. Mostly, I've found I enjoy Arbor Mist, which I understand is like kids' stuff, but since I've never drank, it's enough for me. ;D

When I was a new mom, I decided I needed something "just for me", not as a "mom" or a "wife", but a hobby of my own. I've sewn since I was five and made a few quilts, which I enjoyed, so, I decided to focus on that one hobby and have been quite passionate about it.

What else? We don't watch a lot of TV... actually we sold our TV before we left and presently don't own one. We do spend a lot of time on the computer (me working on pictures and surfing and my husband playing shooter or builder games and surfing). My husband likes to build movie prop replicas and he belongs to a professional costuming group (
The 501st Stormtrooper Legion) where he goes around dressed as Darth Vader doing charity work, raising toy donations which he then delivers to sick kids. I love this thing that he does and we are eager to start doing it again, although he's got to "recruit" a few stormtroopers to work with him for a better impact. He founded the group in Phoenix (Dune Sea Garrison) seven years ago with three other guys and when we left there were over forty members... that was hard to leave so many of those friends behind, but... oh well! Life moves on. Like I said, we are both eager to start costuming up here.

Well... I know there's more about me to learn, but, that should give you something to chew on while still leaving something for us to talk about!

I just realized that I didn't write about Jack... he's my curly-haired-monster-boy... who loves trains and pretending to be things (presently Superman is his favoirte thing to be followed by Buzz Lightyear and a Dragon).

Like I said, an interesting snapshot of our lives. Perhaps you've just learned a little tidbit that you previously didn't know about me!

Suzy :D

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