Saturday, June 13, 2009

School Numbers

I feel so much better about myself going back to school! Already, I feel like I'm getting a grip on the work load (though I do have to stay right on top of it!)

What's interesting to me is that since people are hearing that I've gone back to school, strangers, acquaintances, and friends alike are all asking if I'm going to be a teacher. It's odd because my original major was Elementary Education, though few people now know that.

Right now, I was just intending to get an Associates and see what happened next, but maybe I will finish my Bachelors... it seems like someone/thing is trying to tell me something because I am hearing "are you going to be a teacher" all.the.time!

I even noticed a poster for a distance program from University of Wyoming to spread the two year program out over three! This is a special program UofW is doing to help people get their teaching degree while balancing life. Seeing the poster and thinking of doing the program just "feels right" inside. The timing coincides with how long we were planning to stay in this town, so, perhaps next Fall, after getting use to school, and suddenly having both my babies being school age, I can put myself to the task of finishing that long-ago dream. :D


By the way... this is my 365th Post. Of course, it took two years nine months to get here... I guess that means I've posted about once every three days.

Okay. I LOVE numbers and math. I just went and checked. I started the blog September 16, 2006, which means this is day 1,001 for the blog. Kinda funny... exactly a year's worth of posts on the freaky number like 1001. That also happens to be Frank's birthday written out... October 1st... or 10-01.

Little things like this literally make me smile.

I know. I'm weird about numbers. But you should know that too, because I've told you about it before!


Celise said...

If people keep asking, that's probably a sign, Suze. I think you should go for the whole shebang and get your BA. I'm getting into the swing of things--school things--over here, too. I'm so glad that I blogged about it (see "Smell the Learn" post). For the first time, in my entire educational life, I'm actually looking forward to taking a math class. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

They do have wonderful teacher financial grants right now in Wyoming, and all community colleges in Wyoming offer the UW extension program for your bachelors in teaching and many other degrees, most people are just unaware of them. Wyogirl1