Sunday, April 13, 2008

By the Numbers – A Birthday Shout Out

Is there some terminology for people that are totally, weirdly obsessed with numbers? My birthday adds up to ten, three different ways. I’ve figured out weird little number things for each of my boys’ birthdays. We were married on 02-02-2002… I wanted to do it at 02:02 am (we eloped, so, not a lot of people to coordinate), but the marriage official refused to get out of bed in the middle of the night. Basically, I find and make interesting number patterns… constantly.

I also tend to remember dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, surgery dates, death dates. You name it, if it’s a number, it seems to stick around.

I'm thinking about numbers because today is my former-step-daughter’s 14th birthday. Is there a “term” for your Ex-Step-Child? Can I just call her my friend? I miss her. I haven’t been able to talk with her in 7 years. I always find myself thinking of her extra the week of her birthday. So, even though I can’t speak with her or write her in person, I thought I’d give this little e-tribute to Serina Mae.

I’m thinking of you.
I love you still.
Happy Birthday Sera-Bear!

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