Monday, October 19, 2009

Swine Flu and Watercolors

We disappeared, yes we did. Two weeks ago, Jack started our whole family on the path of the H1N1 Virus, affectionately known as "The Swine Flu". Our whole household was quarantined for a full week! It has just wiped us all out, but gratefully, we are all on the mend.

The past few days, I started looking at two artists I like, Nadia Tate and Suzy Toronto. Yesterday, I printed out 16 mini-versions of Suzy Toronto's work (in black and white, all on one page) then sat down and started to sketch. Based on her style, I wound up with this version of myself:

Which I began painting today. Did you know that I like to paint? I do. I often get busy and "forget" about it, but I am always glad when I finally put pixels pigments to paper with a paintbrush once more!

I think she might use acrylics, but I like watercolors, so that is what I am working in. When I scan and reduce it, it will intensify the colors, plus, with my new Photoshop skills, I'm already thinking things like "I can fix that" or "I can change that color". But trying to draw and color things on the computer is still VERY hard for me... I'd rather do it on paper and then modify it on the computer.

I hope to use the illustration for my Suzy Qute Designs (specifically the business cards I've been working on).

Anyway, I thought I'd share my WIP (that's Work in Progress).


Marie-Jolie said...

I'm so happy you are all feeling better and that you had some "down" time to reconnect with self and family. Not that illness is a happy way to do that, but sometimes our bodies have to force us to slow down (especially crazy ladies like us!). :) Love the watercolor. You are a woman of many talents, Suzy!

Becky said...