Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photojournalism - PTO Fall Carnival

I was published again today (albeit without credit or being named). Here are the photos from the PTO Fall Carnival last Thursday that made it to print:

School Carnival

MAGIC SHOW - Adam Ranger dazzles students at the Elementary School Carnival Oct. 22 at the Events Complex with his magical mysteries.

FISHING FOR FUN - Kaylin, age 7, was one of many children who joyfully took home dozens of donated goldfish at the Fall Carnival for the Elementary School's PTO.

ALL SMILES - Kortney, age 7, enjoys the show in her fancy attire.

Today was great because there was a thumbnail of Kortney on PAGE ONE!!! So, I made it on the front page, even though it was just a thumbnail. Next... get "above the fold" WITH photographic credit! ;)


Marie-Jolie said...

Good for you! Too bad they didn't credit you for your accomplishment, but I bet it was fun to see your work in the paper!

Celise said...

How come you didn't get credit?

SuzyQSparkles said...

I think because they assume I'm with the school? Which would be wrong. I'm not getting paid, they don't notify me when they print my work (usually a friend tells me about it). I would *at least* appreciate being given credit. Tomorrow I am planning to stop by the paper, I'll ask then.

Anniki :) said...

Congrats! Of course ask credit! I work for newspaper and do photojournalism myself and here it's unbelievable that someone doesn't get paid for their work.
Especially if it's not only one photo and first time to cooperate.