Monday, February 08, 2010

That Was Fast!

Today was to be a day of rest. While I didn't sleep in late (up at seven, with eight hours sleep), I did rest and relax this morning. I spent the afternoon running errands (there are quite a few things to do and buy in order to make the dorms more comfortable). The evening included studying the Orientation Manual, a bit of cleaning, and chatting with my roommate.

And then.

Then, I started my report.

Oh boy!

Five hours and twelve single space pages later, I've submitted the first report from my first day at the Legislature. How will I ever work all day, in the evenings, AND write these reports?

As busy as Saturday was, and as future days are sure to be, and as thorough as I like to be, it will be a great challenge to write thorough, edited reports each evening AND get a full night's (8 hours sleep) rest - not to mention evening events, eating, and laundry. While I was feeling more rested earlier today, I have stayed up far too late working on the monstrosity of a report I just sent over.

I think I will try to journal as I go during the day, at least typing what is happening during the day, then adding my observations during the evening.



Now it is time for rest. I may get four hours sleep. :P

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