Friday, February 05, 2010

Departures and Arrivals

Well, I've left them, for a whole month, I've left them. So far so good on the tear front, though I know it may not last, I've only cried once this morning, in bed before leaving, and twice prior this week (actually, it was once with each member of my household).

I had a GREAT drive across Wyoming to arrive in Cheyenne at 5pm. 45 minutes + 4 Target shopping carts unloaded my Professor's Car (generously loaned to me for the month). Dinner with an RA in the Dorms at the Dining Hall, and then meeting my roommate (and her daughter - who's also a student at LCCC) while we all three unpacked into our rooms. Yes, I said roomS with and "S"... that would be the best surprise of the day. When the Dorm Manager walked me to my room, she said that since there wasn't an occupant for the second suite, we would each have our own room (and bathroom) with just a shared living area between the two.

I'm beat, but looking forward to a great day at Legislative Intern Orientation tomorrow.

Now, it's time for a quick note to my professor, wardrobe choices and a snack, then to sleep (by 10:20?)

I intend to begin posting pictures by Sunday (for tomorrow's sure to be another full day!)

PS: I'm sitting here listening to Spanish Radio because it's the only station I can receive besides talk radio... either I'll ask Tom to bring my CD's next weekend, or I'll be living on internet radio! ;)

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Celise said...

Wow! A whole month away from the fam!? How will they survive without you? LOL