Sunday, August 22, 2010

Perfect Light

I take a lot of flower photos.

I think it's in my blood, flowers, I mean.

I come from a family of green-thumbs and while my personal ability to grow flowers is, shall we say, a bit lacking, I have found my knack for sharing the joys of flowers to be in my ability to capture them with a camera.

Or, at least I think so.

It all started when my Aunt Lou.

She's one of those green-thumbs who also happened to own a Flower Shop I was raised in, handed me my camera and sent me out to photograph her irises, daffodils, and tulips (no bulb flowers in this set of summer-time photos though).

For a while, I seemed to be inspired to take flower photos whenever I return to her mountain cabin.

Now, I do it anywhere and everywhere... even expanding into fruits and seeds as subjects.

I will cause the vehicle to stop and even make U-turns whenever I see a bright bit of color along the road.

It's gotten to the point where the boys even find flowers and point them out for me to photograph.

Of course, on our recent trip, I found "a few" flowers to capture, but one day in-particular, I found a flowerbed I'd been eye-balling in this amazing light of the nearly-setting sun.

Take a look at these photos!

The flowers just seem to glow!

One other thing about all these flower photos.

When I just took "casual" photos (and I do mean casual for me, but probably not for most people, I've always been a bit of a camera-hound) of "normal" things, I never thought to take flower photos. However. My Great Aunt Adeline and her brother (my Grandad) both took photos of things I found, well, weird.

They took, or shall I say, they TAKE, photos of flowers and food.

Now, here I am, doing the very same thing.

This shutterbug thing too must be in my blood.

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Anonymous said...

I love the digital cameras because you can take more pictures and not have the cost of film and processing.