Friday, September 15, 2006

Back to (A Little Bit of) Work

Today my husband is back at work! He injured his back last week, and still is in a lot of pain, but it's good to have him able to go back - even in limited capacity. HR called him with a “transitional work program”. His doctor sent a note specifying what he could do and then his boss found something to keep him busy. He took a bottle of Tylenol, a heating pad, and two ice packs to help him along. We’ll see how long he can make it today (without prescription narcotics or his recliner to ease the pain!)

In other news my left ovary is killing me this morning! Jack is sneezing and just had a snotty face, but it seems to have stopped. I’ll be watching my friends two boys again this morning and taking them home after lunch. This afternoon, I plan to get an allergy shot, then head to the mall to pick up Jack’s portraits, after that I’ll pick hubby up from work / his friends'.

Suzy :)

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