Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Worker's Comp SUCKS!

Last week my husband was injured on the job. Can I just say that Worker's Comp SUCKS! We're forced to pay money into some Grand Government System to "help" when you're injured, but, now that it's happened to us... we're finding our hands completely tied. First you're told that Worker's Comp pays 66% of your wages... WRONG... they pay 66% of some arbitrary number they choose... we're only going to get 29.0465% of OUR ACTUAL wages. Then, we're told we're "lucky" we can keep using our own doctor, and that if the doctor orders too many questions, we'll no longer be able to use our doctor. Oh! And we can't use our own insurance any more, because they say it's a Worker's Comp claim. So, if we don't like who they suggest we can take our whopping 29% of our pay and pay out of pocket for the procedures (take a $1,000 MRI for example... that'd be 3/4 of a month's worker's comp "pay".) It's been a long week and a TERRIBLY long day! Oh. but for the migrant, illegial worker who's injured, this is a good deal because they suddenly get better and free medical care. How about this? How about all the money that i HAVE to pay to goverment medical / insurance programs, how about I get to KEEP that money and use my OWN insurance when I have injuries? Hmm... do you think we could do that?

I exhaused and now I'm pissed too... I really hope I can get to sleep!
Suzy >{

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Anonymous said...

Workers Comp is paid for by the company. It is not paid for by the "government" or taxpayers. And every time a Workers Comp claim is made, the company's Workers Comp insurance premium goes up; just like your car insurance increases if you get in an accident.

As far as your insurance, you would then hurt the rest of the medical insurance holding people. You want to NOT use your insurance to try and keep all of our premiums low.