Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Continuing Onward and Upward

643 miles down on our journey from Mesa, Arizona to Lander, Utah. We're in Price, Utah... we had wanted to go on to Duchesne or Roosevelt, but when we had my husband (who's currently at school in Canton, Ohio) call around, he tried 13 different hotels between Price and Vernal (our morning destination) and found ZERO rooms available. So, we found a Budget Hotel in Price that had two Queen Rooms, one of which accepted our two cats. We figured it was better to stop here than risk getting caught (after eleven hours of driving) with "no room at the inn!" It's an Old-School motel where you pull right up to the room... which is nice because there's less carrying of bags. Also, the rooms are remodleded inside, so it was a nice surprise for the $70 price tag. :D

There's an oil drilling explosion going on in this part of the country... the Federal Government has recently released lands in Wyoming for oil drilling, and so there's a "Boom Town" thing happening.
Anyway. We had a good day's drive with only slight grumbling from the five party members. Now, I should stop this and get the boys to bed, as well as myself. We still have six or seven hours of driving (about 315 more miles), plus visit time tomorrow. We want to stop and see my sister in Vernal, Utah... she just moved there the beginning of the month and the kids are wondering where they (and Grandma, who's traveling with me) is. So we want to show them that we will all be nearby (two hours away). My sister is living on the South side of Flaming Gorge and I'll be on the North side.

Time for bedtime stuff...
Suzy :D

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