Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In a Rough-and-Tumble State, We're Here!

Well. For all the hulla-balloo, we've arrived! It still feels incomplete. My husband is missing and we also don't have a home or a clue when we will have one... our house was sold... or so I thought. Then, about three weeks ago, it fell through and we - make that I - had to get it ready and on the market. It went up for sale last Friday. Now. We wait. Life in limbo. It's weird how disconnected you can feel without a place to call your own... especially so with small children.

My Mom and my FIL drove up with me... a great help! But literally as soon as we got here, they both stopped helping me with my sons. Suddenly, we're all out of our element, and they are so excited to be with cousins and kin, there is unloading and unpacking to do, and two very wild boys. Things should feel better tomorrow morning after a bit of rest.


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