Saturday, June 30, 2007

Time for some NEW GOALS!

Well. We're here. And now, Daddy's here too. I need some new goals! After six weeks without my husband around, knowing he was headed home, I allowed myself to get quite sick. For 36 hours I felt pretty yucky... and wound up leaving the care of my boys in the hands of their Grandaddy and Great Grandparents for the day. I slept a lot but went to bed last night thinking "one day of being sick is enough!" Today, I feel better! It's AMAZING what a powerful tool our minds are!!!

Anyway, I realize that getting here took all my focus for so long, that now I need something new to focus on. I have to get happily involved in something while I wait for my home to sell... then I can get involved in house hunting. So, I keep thinking, and saying, that I'm going to work on my quilting patterns. I want to design and sell them. I want to work on the pattern for a Diamond Quilt I designed last year. I want to have it done in July. Okay. I'll get the pattern written and to my testers by July 30th. I think I can do it. No. I KNOW I CAN DO IT! :D

Suzy :D

PS: Listening to Country Radio in a small town I’m hearing some fun new/different stuff, like Brad Paisley’s “I’d like to check you for ticks”.

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