Saturday, September 01, 2007

Some Interesting Things

I just read this interesting article on The 10 Best Foods You're Not Eating. I thought I'd share it with you.

I've also been meaning to share (and Becky's post jogged my memory) that while I also have some great bags from Reusable Bags, they were very pricey (and are well built). I love how Becky recycled her old sheets into something new AND cute AND personal. Anyway, what I wanted to share was that I've recently found Home Depot to be carrying some nicely made reusable bags for just $1.99 each! The interesting thing about them is that they have plastic clips that: 1) keep the bag closed; 2) hang the bag on your shopping cart; and 3) hang the bag on the checkout stand bag racks. Pretty nice for such a low price! I just tried to find the bags online and it seems they are so new, they aren't online yet. You can try your local store though, ask for "Carryalls" with SKU 988941.

Let's see, they're are all sorts of special anti-spill "snack cups" on the market for toddlers, but I've found that just using a plastic drink cup from a restaurant (about 3-4" diameter and 6" tall) works best for my boys (2 and 4 yo). They can slip them between they're legs in the car seats or in cup holders. They are small enough around for them to hold, and they don't have to tip them to the side where (inevitably) crumbs fall out. They also stack neatly and store in the car easily.

On a road trip this weekend, with Jack potty training, he needed to poop out in the middle of nowhere. I had his potty seat (here's a similar potty seat to ours) with me and thought of bending over behind him and holding it up (a back-aching proposition), then I had a better idea. I looped the handles from a plastic bag on the potty seat handles, then stretched the edge of the bag around the seat frame. Then I set the potty seat between two matching height suitcases that I'd taken out of the van. It worked PERFECTLY! I know they sell "travel" potty seats, but this worked out VERY well and we will use it again I know. Oh. Obviously, I wrapped up the items in the bag and disposed of it at the very next stop (I actually held it upside down before tying it to let the pee drain out on the dirt instead of it leaking in my van. :D

Those are all the tips I can think to share presently.

Suzy :D
PS: One other article I just found interesting... on Aroma and Arousal: Scents that Turn Men On.

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