Monday, July 13, 2009

Arbor Day at Shadona Central

Yesterday we planted five trees (with the gracious help of some local teens to dig the holes). I found the planting of trees very joyous and inspirational!

Yes, I know the trees look a little lean. Last week, when I bought them, they were lush. Then, the wind kept blowing them over and they started to dry out. After just a day in the ground, the leaves are cooling off and moisture is returning. The trees will be fine!

Jack keeps going outside to check on "his" tree, and saying "Look! My tree grew!!!" True to his nature as the "baby" of the family, his is the tree in the center, right in the middle of things, center-of-attention and all that. Funny that he chose "his" tree and it's location all on his own!

PS: Tuesday Jack went out to check on his tree and "pull weeds". He came back in and proudly declared "I pulled all the leaves off my tree!" I wonder if it will still grow. One thing is for sure... if the trees survive our family's "gardening", they will be stronger than ever!


marie*jolie said...

I love the trees! My experience with planting trees at our house was that we always ended up moving shortly after we planted them (boo hoo) so I've never been able to reap the benefits, but I love knowing that the world has a few more trees. :) I can't wait to take a look next time I visit!

Anonymous said...

ROTFLOL AAAAhhh hah hah hah LMAO


Gabrielle said...

That's awesome, I love that he is into gardening! Good Job!