Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Creative Juices

I just spent three hours hanging out in my sewing room. I think it's been a good month (probably longer) since I did that. Just went in and played. It was great! So relaxing!

While working away on an old sheet, turned Renaissance / Pirate Shirt, I was thinking about how I believe we each need to let our creative juices flow. Actually, I feel better in general when I give myself regular time to play (at least each week, preferably each day).

What I am curious about is how you let your juices flow? Do you write, paint, sew, stitch, mold, sculpt? Are you musical or mechanical? Do you tend a garden or cook or bake? What do you do that just feels second nature to you? Do you have one thing more than others that truly relaxes you?

Personally, I do many of these things, but feeling cloth in my hands and hearing the hum of a sewing machine is by far the most therapeutic thing I can do for myself... and it has been for many, many years. What about you?


Celise said...

With me, the creative juices are ALWAYS flowing. That's my problem. Too many ideas, too tempted to drop one and start on the other.

marie*jolie said...

Really any creative projects works for me, and I go in seasons where sometimes I am immersed in quilting, or knitting, or cooking... and whatever it is, if I let myself disappear into the project I come out really refreshed. :)

Judye54 said...

I can disappear into projects and loose all sense of time and place. But when I have a creative block I will put aside some time to putter around with my supplies, clean up, reorganize, or just look through things I have. I reaquaint myself with the basics of what I use to be creative and I always end making something rather than getting trough with the clean up. Maybe that is why artists are so messy with thier supplies.