Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Life in the Universe

My favorite science class ever was in college... called "The Search for Life in the Universe". The whole class was about the probability of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the Universe. (That's assuming we have intelligent life here on our planet!) Growing up, my family always looked to stellar objects as things of interest, so perhaps this class just continued that investigation. In any case, any time I see a news story about astronomy related topics, I stop to read it. (That and Egyptian / Pyramid / Mummy stuff... I always read that too.) Now, it's not like I get subscribtions to magazines, or constantly look for this stuff, but, if I happen to see it, I always stop to read it. Also, it's one of the interesting, "happy" topics that come across the newswires, besides that, I enjoy it.

Here's one I saw yesterday: NASA imagines Earth-like worlds: Computer models provide specs for 14 different planet types.

I think it's interesting to ponder the idea that we are not alone in the universe. It's such an enormous place with so many possibilities. I wonder if it will be in this life (as in life on this planet) or in another after-life that we will become aware of and interact with the other sentient-beings that must exist.

Suzy :D
PS: There are some AMAZING pictures in Space.com's Image Library. Take a look! :D

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