Sunday, September 23, 2007

Travel Time

I was thinking this week about the differences in traveling here in Wyoming versus in the city. Just about anywhere I want to go (in town) I get to within 15 minutes... with perhaps three to six stop lights. Versus inthe city, to go 15 miles I would easily encounter two-dozen lights! Out of the city, on a long drive, I'm out of phone range for most of it.
So. I used to have projects to do on the passenger seat, things like sorting papers, or crocheting, for in traffic. I can't do that now because there IS NO TRAFFIC! Also, I use to talk on my headset to people on the phone a lot... now, I either get places so fast there's no time for a phone call or their's no phone service. Either way, I spend a lot less time waiting on other cars and a lot more time visiting with my boys (not to metion listening to CD's).

I just looked at some pictures from our last two road trips (over the past two weekends). I've been taking time to enjoy the scenery. Also, Frank was playing with the camera... we forget how boring the back seat can be!

Front seat or back, remember to enjoy the ride!
Suzy :D
PS: I'm part of an email group that regurally writes to eachother about what we are grateful for... here's my contribution for today:
I am grateful for an enjoyable weekend spent visiting with my cousin and his family. What a pleasure to meet new family members and find you all get along and enjoy one another!

I am grateful for the INCREDIBLE rainbows we saw on our drive home and for following the prompt to stop and take pictures of them, and how just minutes after getting back on the road we were able to stop and enjoy the remenants of our first Wyoming snowfall while waiting for an accident to clear... if not for taking pictures of the rainbow, we very well could have BEEN the accident... so nice that we enjoyed the scenery all along the way home!

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