Thursday, September 20, 2007


September 7th we took possession of our apartment. I haven't lived in an apartment in a lot of years... it sure is different than living with others (in a house) or owning your own home!

We've been very busy fixing the place up (it was in quite a state when we got it) and moving in and unpacking. Tomorrow morning I'll be clearing the rest of the boxes out of the living areas (to storage / trash / donations). Then, I'll just have my room and the closets to go through / organize; at least the main living areas will be box free (and ready for some pictures on the walls). I wish I could find the portraits of my boys!

I wanted to show you a picture of Jack. Both boys have been having SO MUCH fun with their freshly discovered toys, but I'm constantly battling not being able to see their floor for the mess they create. They use to be quite good at putting away one thing before getting out the next... I've been thinking of putting a lock on their closet door to keep them out without my help, but I'm sure they'd start getting into other things. Anyway, tonight I said "why's your floor such a mess?!" and Jack said "'Cause I like it that way." He's been a little tart lately! I don't think he was being definant, just honest like only a two-and-a-half year old can be! Here's a picture of him in the said messy room.


Suzy :D

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