Sunday, November 09, 2008

Cleaning Improvements

I've been cleaning Frank's wound twice a day (three times just hasn't been happening).

Yesterday morning, we had a hard little piece of infection come out, then last night it started to "look different". This morning it looks very different... and MUCH BETTER! The red-pink area is smaller. There is no swelling. And when I soaked the scab off, there was just a small dark red indention, not an open "hole" with pus coming out. It looked like when a scab gets pulled off, just a dot of skin healing.
Also, the past several days, when the scab came off, and I'd put a dot of peroxide on, Frank would scream because it hurt. Today, he didn't move. I ask if he could feel it and he said "No!"

I'm remembering that my Grandad use to tell me about a wound he had that a nurse would soak off his scab daily, to avoid scarring. The specialist in Salt Lake City mentioned that Frank would have a scar from this wound. I wonder... if I keep soaking it with peroxide, then putting the prescription antibiotic ointment on it... what are the chances of reducing the potential scar on his face? What about a homeopathic approach and Lavender Essential Oil? Would putting that on instead of the prescription ointment prevent scaring?

I'm so glad that I feel like all I have to worry about is the scar and not surgery or other problems. It just looks THAT MUCH better!!!


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Anonymous said...

I used to work for a plastic surgeon who instructed his patients to use liberal amounts of 100% aloe vera. This prevents scabs from forming (yes, scabs leave a scar for sure) and minimizes scarring. Also, after the wound heals enough, you can massage it so that scar tissue doesn't build up underneath and leave a bump.

Definitely double check with the physician treating the infection before using anything on that area.

Just my two cents.