Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Infection's Back

Frank's infection has returned and it's "Bigger than Ever!"

This morning the site swelled back up. I took him to the local clinic. I cleaned the wound and opened it back up. The Lab Tech delicately took a small sample while saying "we don't do this, the doctor does"; then refused to give me any more cotton swabs for me to finish cleaning the site, saying and "we don't have any Q-Tips!" Let's just hope this sample gets properly cultured so we know what we're dealing with!

Frank is going back on the same oral antibiotic that we used three weeks ago. I insisted on only a six day course though because in five we should have results from the culture, at which point he'll likely change medicines.

I told the doctor my expectation was "that Frank would have a PICC Line in next week and ... surgery before Christmas." The Doctor said this was a realistic expectation and time-line.

Here's my question for you... do I go back to the original surgeons, and "my home" in Phoenix for this surgery or do I find and use a new doctor closer to home (in Salt Lake City)?

Either way the doctor in SLC would have to do the follow-up, post-operative care.
I have support (family & friends) in both cities.
I trust the Phoenix doctor's implicitly.
Frank's Dad is closer to SLC.
Frank could return to his own home and bed and toys sooner here in SLC.
In Phoenix, Jack would be closer to me.
In SLC, Jack would be in Wyoming. I have only been away from Jack twice at night (he's almost four). Jack has never been in day-care or pre-school.
Jack doesn't "need" me much, but I have a HARD time being seperated from him (or Frank).
The surgeon doing follow-up care understands the case better if he also performed the surgery.

I'm having a very hard time separating emotion from this. What would you do?


Anonymous said...

Pheonix... the trust part is the most important... follow-up care is not as important as the surgery... I always vote for the best surgeon or best connection with the surgeon... the other factors, though very important in your heart and mind, will work themselves out... that's my vote... SC

Tonia! said...

Hang in there....we have to do what is best for your will all work itself out in the long run. Hard to believe now, but one day this will seem minor compared to all the bumps in the road we face raising kids. Right now its everything, understandably. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

This is so funny/in ironic... I can give someone an opinion, no problem, if they ask... Like make a decision for you in regards to this... But, if it's myself it's a completely different story... Especially if it's important, like this or moving:) I can't separate the most important emotionally from the also very important. So, I've been waiting to hear all the other votes & no one is saying anything... What does this mean? Are they just not as addicted to your blog and the www as I, or do they not want the responsibility, or do both sound great & they think you can handle it? I have watched this more than the election results:) He he ha ha ho ho! Vote people... yours can really count here:) Or maybe it won't and they all know that! SC

Nicole said...

My vote is SLC. I'm thinking of it this way...if he needed surgery for something else, you would go to SLC and find a doctor you can trust there. By going to Phoenix you are making it into a Big(ger) Event and I think it has more potential to be traumatic for him that way.

Heather said...

my vote would be SLC so that Jack doesn't have to miss his Nutcracker show and I beleive the care Frank will get in SLC will be wonderful. That is your city now and you have to trust it.